Ten Favorite Restaurants for Bubba's Sis and D's Ladies' Night Out

This week's Ten on Tuesday topic is Ten Things You Hate About Politics. Since neither Bubba's Sis nor I care two hoots about politics (sorry, Stacey!), we did our own Ten on Tuesday list this week. And quite frankly, it's fabulous. We had a wild adventure making this list for ya'll, complete with pictures and silly stories (see Bubba's Sis' blog for the stories - you'll find the pics here). So, without further ado, I present to you: Ten Favorite Restaurants for Bubba's Sis' and D's Ladies' Night Out:

  1. Applebee's

  2. Texas Roadhouse

  3. Denny's

  4. Luby's

  5. Bennigan's

  6. Cracker Barrel

  7. Cheddar's

  8. Chili's

  9. Gringo's

  10. Charleston Tea Room

Now head over to Bubba's Sis' blog for the silly stories!


Bubba's Sis said...

Didn't we just have the BEST time doing this?? I think it is the best 10 on Tuesday EVER.

coastie bro said...

insane i tell you what

Stacey said...

Apathy is NOT okay, D. Never. We'll talk about it later.

I agree with B/S, this is a hoot, I tell ya. I'll be laughing most of the evening now, I owe you. But I need to know: Did you take this all in one day, are they photoshop and are you wearing the same shirt in every picture? I sent you a new shirt, put that one one! xoxoxoxoxo

Melissa said...

I must say that we miss Gringos A LOT! Eat some chicken chimichungas for me :)

David / authorblog said...

The Charleston Tea Room sounds great!

Jenny 865-53oh9 said...

You guys are a hoot! That is some serious tag teaming! Love the stories and love the pics...

cjh said...

D, I guess I've never seen a recent picture of you. How cute are you?! And fun glasses!

Anonymous said...

Great pics! Y'all are so wacky and fun! Looking forward to our Charleston Tea Room lunch Friday!


D... said...

Coastie Brother: That shouldn't surprise you at all. You know I'm insane! ;)

Melissa: Next time, I certainly will eat one for you. I know what it's like to miss something.

David: The tea room is great!

CJH: Thanks! It's actually time for a new pair of glasses. I'm pretty attached to these tho so I might just get new lenses.

Lisa: We are about as wacky as you & your sil, ahem! ;) I'm looking forward to Friday too!!

Bubba's Mom said...

You two are a couple of nuts but I know how much fun you have together. It's like the YaYa Sisterhood - and I know you are bringing up your girls to be Petite Ya-Yas. Here's to eating out and girlfriends are forever!

Misty Dawn said...

You guys are the absolute most fun buddies ever (and really cute with great smiles too)!!! This was SO cool!