Staging an Intervention

My sweet Bear has put his foot down. He has ordered me to not borrow anymore books from the library. In addition, I can't buy any more new ones.

It seems I have an addiction. An addiction to books. My nightstand is filled with books in the cabinet and overflowing with books on top. Several of the books, Bear & Lamb are waiting for me to read so we can talk about them. I have so many, I think it would take me two years or more to read them all.

Yet, even though I own all these books, I still borrow from the library. I *have* to read those books first so that others can read them. And so that I don't have to write my paycheck over to them for fines.

It's a vicious cycle. A cycle that Bear intends to stop. Right.Now.

Let's hope the withdrawal isn't too painful for me.


That Kind of Mom

Why am I type of mom who picks up her child from school when he is fully capable of riding the bus? Because he asked me to and there's no reason why I can't. But, oh, I hate it. It is always an incredibly annoying experience. There is nothing pleasurable about the school's car rider line except for the conversations with Bear once he gets in the car.

I am reminded of a time when I had no idea how frustrating it could be to pick up a child from school. Before I knew that there are certain parents who feel entitled. How there are some rules that are obviously meant to be broken, even though 90% of us follow them.

The time I refer to, of course, is when I was the child waiting to be picked up. For my junior year, we lived in Massachusetts. By nature, I am a socializer. I enjoy talking with my friends. So my mom would sit there and wait. One day, she told me that if I made her wait one more time, she was going to drive off. I laughed.

The next day, I stood and talked with my friends for a few minutes. As I was talking, I saw my mom drive away. Yep. She left me. I had to walk home. I was not amused. My brother was. I never kept my mom waiting again.

Sadly, there isn't a fix for my current situation. It's not Bear's fault, other than the fact that he's adamant in his desire to not ride the bus.

I can't help but to think that karma is biting me in the butt.

Here I Sit

Here I sit listening to the quiet. Tonight is Big D's first night back at his old job. With him gone, the tv can be off while homework is being worked on and/or book are being read. Silence is a heavenly thing, no?

What has been going on with us? You might be wondering.

  • Bear's Science Fair project. Folks, this isn't our science fair experiments of years past anymore. I.Despise.Them.
  • Lamb got a part in the UIL competition One Act Play. She finds out tomorrow what part she got. She's terribly excited and we are terribly proud.
  • Big D switched over to his old job as I mentioned. We found out the grass isn't always greener.
  • I am finally hip with technology and received an ipod touch for Christmas from Big D and my mom. I've been spending a lot of time importing my library of songs into itunes. Dang. Is there not an easier way to sync? Ah well. It's done. And spending a lot of time adding my photos to Flickr. Why? I have no idea. I sometimes get strange obsessions.
  • Big D & I are now embarking on our 21st year of marriage. That is so crazy to me. So.Crazy. Our 20th anniversary wasn't exactly spent how I wanted it to be, but it was a nice time.
So, that's what's been up with me and mine. Sort of. In a nutshell.

Now that that's out of the way. I have a quick question. Are ya'll going to say Twenty ten or Two thousand ten? The reason I'm asking is because this year I am working with a 2nd grader and 3rd grader (brothers, sadly enough) who have NO concept of the calendar. Every day it's almost like starting over. Right when we get the year 2009 down, it changes. I don't want to confuse them further so I wondered how the majority will say the year.

Peace and Love,

Shucks, the silence didn't last long. Bear just turned on the tv.