Big D and I received towels as a wedding gift and never bought another one until about a year ago. And then we only bought a couple. We really need some new towels.

So this year as we were shopping on Black Friday, we bought some more. But, here's the deal. I want some that I can wrap around my wet hair. Why do they not make that size anymore? It stinks.

I have to wrap a huge towel around my head. Oh well, I guess it prepares me for that huge, heavy headdress when I'm a Vegas Showgirl.


Thanksgiving Tradition

I have noticed over the past ten years or so that I have started a tradition. It's one that Bear doesn't really care for.

That's about the time when I started cooking Thanksgiving dinner myself. I don't like to cook. And that requires a whole lot of cooking.

So, the few days before the holiday, I cook a meal that can be left-overed (lovely word I just made up) until Thanksgiving. Less cooking for me and it makes the meal that much more yummy when we eat it.

Bear hates it because it usually involves spaghetti or chili. Two meals that he can not stand.

Strange boy. Some may argue that he has a strange mama, too.


Coming Soon

You'll be hearing a lot more from me.

Big D will be going back to nights in the next couple of weeks. That'll leave me a lot of time during the evenings to visit and post.

Aren't ya'll lucky???? :)

My Star

My goodness. I've been quiet. I need to do better about that.

Part of the reason has been spent being a chauffeur for my rising star. Lamb performed in her first high school stage production.

She even had her very own personal make up artist! My brother's girlfriend knows all about make up and skin care so she lent her services to Lamb. Lamb loved it!
She was in "The Miracle Worker" as a blind girl at Annie Sullivan's school. She also played the part of Annie Sullivan's brother's voice in Annie's dream sequences. I'll be honest. They were weird and, if not for Lamb, I could have done without those scenes. Strange. Strange. Odd.
The entire cast did an amazing job. They literally moved me to tears. When Helen finally made the connection, I just cried. There is a big difference between Helen and the students I work with. However, all of us try so hard to make them see connections to what we are trying to teach them. Some of them never get it. But, some of them do. And it's such a gift to see their faces light up and to see them feel smart. I know a small part of how Ann Sullivan felt.

And Lamb's BFF came to see her. I think Lamb was happier about that than having her family come watch. Unfortunately, my camera was acting up so my shots aren't clear. :( I think the joy is pretty evident, blurry or not.
The only mar on the evening was the playbill. Lamb's name was spelled incorrectly all over the place. Including in the ads that my mom and I paid for. I understand that with common names, there are some who do not pay attention to spellings. But when you are dealing with someone's money, pay attention to the details. Double check your spellings.

All in all, I just can not wait to see Lamb on stage again. I love it so much!

Next up? Seeing her BFF in her stage production of "Metamorphoses" this coming weekend. It's going to be good!

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