I'm Alive!

Wow. I've done a horrible job of blogging this summer. I've done a tad bit better at commenting.

There really hasn't been much to talk about. I've been spending my days watching old shows & movies with the kids. Reading, reading, reading! Working on Bear's blanket. I scrapped the original one and started a new one on a knitting loom. Bear is ok with that. I will be finished before school starts. Oh yes, I will. I'll post a pic of it just for ya'll! ;) Oh yeah, and spending some time on that huge time waster, Facebook.

I've also caught up on some doctor's visits. Had some blood work done to check my thyroid. My thyroid is ok, my cholesterol is just over the high mark so I have to make some food changes. Never fun. Of course, with my thyroid ok, I have to wonder why I'm so tired and unmotivated a lot of the time. Maybe I'm just lazy. ;)

I will also have my very first mammogram next week. I'm not nervous about the results but I do have a lot of fibroids. I wonder how that will play out. We shall see. I am anxious about having it done only because it's an unknown world to me. Not sure what to expect. So, all in all, I'll be glad when it's over.

Last weekend, I went to Moms' Camp with Bubba's Sis. It was so nice to getaway. We went trail riding, skeet shooting (and I have the HUGE bruise to prove it), learned how to knit, and how to transfer a picture onto fabric for a photo quilt. We came away with some excellent ideas for Christmas presents. We were going to do archery but both of us decided that our arms just couldn't handle it after 25 rounds of skeet shooting. That gun was heavy!!

Back to the skeet shooting, I'm not sure why I bruised like that. I held the gun snug where the instructor told me. However, I bruised on the soft part of my upper arm. So weird. The gun wasn't even there. Sunday, I felt like I had been in a car accident. The kick of the gun really impacted me. It was fun, but I'm not sure I'd do it again. I didn't hit a one anyway. Hand-eye coordination is not my friend. Plus, with my astigmatism, moving objects aren't my friend either.

Cleo, our 8 year old cat, had to have minor surgery last week. She's recovering remarkably well. We've kept her separate from the boys for several days. Elvis can't stand it. For one thing, his man cave is under our bed. He sleeps under there All Day Long. Cleo has been recuperating in our bathroom/bedroom. Elvis doesn't like being denied. Today, we let Cleo free and have been keeping a sharp eye on all the animals. We don't want Cleo to have a set back. I'm pretty proud of her! She seems to be a healthy healer. Whew.

I've also been going to lunch, movies, & shopping with friends. That's always one of the highlights of summer for me. That and vacation but vacation didn't happen this summer. It's still been a good one!

I hope ya'll have been having a wonderful summer!


rachelizabeth said...

I was wondering what happened to you. Glad you're still out there!

It sounds like you've been having a good summer - lots of activity, lots of fun. That camp sounds really cool. Especially the archery and skeet shooting parts. The bruises, not so much.

forgetfulone said...

I'm trying to get back to blogging, too - and keeping it separate from facebook where my co-workers lurk. I don't want them to read my blog!

I've already finished Fifteen! Another friend gave it to me when I helped her move the other day. It was a quick read.

We have to get together for at least one more lunch or movie before summer is over!

What's wrong with Cleo? I know you're worried, but your mam should be fine. Keep me posted.

jennyonthespot said...

You said there hasn't been much to talk about - phewy! Sounds like there's plenty filled with doing some good take-it-summer-easy stuff! Yaya and Yay!

Good luck on that mammomgram. Haven't done one myself, so I have no davice. I'll just pray for good results!

About the thyroid... ya know... I had mine tested and the regualr doc said it was normal. And then I had a hormone specialist test me... she checked for a few different numbers, and I was low according to her tests. Hmmm.... also, my progesterone level was wicked low. So tired. Began taking natural prog cream and it changed my life. Might you have a hormone spec-type person around you could chat with? That's just my experience tho. Every BODY (heehee) is so different :)

littletoesandcheerios said...

No one has been as bad about blogging this summer as I! So glad Cleo is ok and glad I get to talk with you on FB.

Patois said...

Been mammygrammying for ages. I expected so much pain and such. Um, excuse me, I've had children. Best wishes for an easy-peasy-squeezy.

(I have got to start trademarking my quips.)

Debbie said...

I've been missing you!
I am Ms. Fibroid. Expect them to want to follow up the mammogram with an US. No big deal. I don't mind either of them really.

Jamie Dawn said...

I've been away from Blogdom a lot too. That's just how things go sometimes.
Guns really do have quite a kick. I bruise easily, so I'd probably have a big bruise too.
I've had several mammograms... not that big of a deal. Just be prepared to have your ninnies smooooshed.


Your summer sounds nice. Lots of time with your kiddos. That's just terrific!!

Kim said...

Glad to see you back here. But I shouldn't talk too loudly as I didn't blog nearly as much as I wanted to this summer. I'm trying to get back into it again. Keeping my fingers crossed. I really like it and do miss it.

Facebook...Yup....huge time sucker. But I love it and have it up on my computer as long as the computer is on. ;) I'm on there under Kim Folkins Morrow if you'd like to look me up sometime.

Sounds like you still had a great summer. Can't wait to see pictures of your knitting.

Misty Dawn said...

Hey, my friend, did they test your B12 levels? I've been exhausted all the time and just figured it was from working three jobs and the farm and online college and... you get the idea. But, it turns out I'm also B12 deficient which saps the energy right outta ya, from what they told me. Just thought I'd suggest it.

The McCrays said...

I haven't blogged or read much this summer either. Your Mom's Camp sounds very cool. How fun! I wish I could go, too. Good luck transitioning back into the "school zone"!