Big D and I received towels as a wedding gift and never bought another one until about a year ago. And then we only bought a couple. We really need some new towels.

So this year as we were shopping on Black Friday, we bought some more. But, here's the deal. I want some that I can wrap around my wet hair. Why do they not make that size anymore? It stinks.

I have to wrap a huge towel around my head. Oh well, I guess it prepares me for that huge, heavy headdress when I'm a Vegas Showgirl.


Debbie said...

Golly, you look great! Why would a looker like you even bother with a towel:)

Jenny86753oh9 said...


I'm such a dork...I always end up putting one of those big ol' towels on my head, then try to fit it through a shirt. It ends up being a worthless fight!

Forgetfulone said...

You crack me up! I still have some of those small bath towels - have had them forever! You're right tho! They're too big and thick now.

Lisa said...

Love that pic! Hee!