The Grass Truly Isn't Greener

It's funny how life works out. It was so important a few months ago for Big D to have a position with daytime hours. We thought it would make him so much happier and make our family a better well-oiled machine.

So, if you remember, Big D took a position he didn't really want. The thought being it would lead to the position he really wanted. Then the recession hit.

Big D works for a national company. They have never been in danger of bankruptcy, but they also wanted to make sure they would never come close. Every one in the company had to take a pay cut. Raises, bonuses and extra benefits were gone. And the position Big D sought was cut (no one lost their job, just no one was hired to replace or new hire).

Here Big D is stuck in a job he hates. A job with daytime hours that doesn't really help. He works 45 miles from home. And if you know anything about Houston traffic, you know to double & sometimes triple that for travel time. He leaves the house at 6am and gets home, if he's lucky, at 6pm. In bed by 9pm.

In short, it's not all it was hoped to be.

But now he has the opportunity to go back to his original position. A job he truly enjoyed but couldn't stand the hours. However, this position is under a different company umbrella. They have their raises and 401k back. Right now, struggling with his pay cut, that sounds pretty sweet.

Not to mention the fact that he'd be available to transport Bear to school and Lamb home from school, and all those pesky appointments that crop up with kids.

Yeah, Big D is going back to nights. Sigh.


forgetfulone said...

We talked about this at dinner, I think. Sounds like the decision that will be best for everyone, although I know you liked having him home for at least a little in the evenings.

And I have to ask ... I know I've seen the directions on Blogger Buster, or somewhere, about how to add the "you might also like" at the end, but can you tell me in plain English? Seems like I rely on you to keep me up to date blog-wise.

Debbie said...

Seems like that must be where he is meant to be. There is so much to be said for being happy in what you do. Even if the hours stink.

Patois said...

I am glad that it works best in the end.

Misty Dawn said...

It breaks my heart that he has to go back to nights, but it relieves me to hear that it will be better for you guys.