I know You Are, But What Am I?

Pee Wee was pretty popular when I started dated Big D. Truth be told, Big D got a kick out of him. He would come over and my baby sisters (ages 5 & 2) would beg him to do "the dance" for them. He would laugh and decline. But the moment I left the room, he'd do it for them. They'd giggle and shriek.

I have never once seen him do it. Not once.

Flash forward to today. We recently watched Pee Wee's Big Adventure with the kids. Big D enjoyed it just as much as he did all those years ago. The kids giggled & laughed all through it.

I live with a family of quoters. They see a movie once and quote it for years. The movie sparked some of our favorites.

Oh, how we laugh at this. Whenever we travel, upon entering Texas once again, we sing the song. Once, we were singing it as we entered a rest area. A man obviously knew what we were doing because he started clapping along with us. Good times.

Another good one. Feel free to stop it after 1:50 (Unless you enjoy Pee Wee).


Debbie said...

How funny! I can't believe he wouldn't do it for you!
Thanks for the birthday wishes;)

littletoesandcheerios said...

I have a feeling he'll do the dance when you least expect it! I am a big movie quoter myself!

Jenny86753oh9 said...

That's hilarious! Hulkman and I used to watch the weekly show all the time. The first show we watched, the word of the day was "penny". Even to this day I can walk up to him and yell "Penny!" and he'll yell as loud as he can. Cracks me up.

(Just realized, if someone hasn't watched a PeeWee Herman show, that sounded really weird.)

kris said...

too funny... my brother is a huge movie quoter, when he says something out of character, I'm like, "What movie is that from?"

jenny said...

When my family went to the Alamo on spring break, we were asking each other about the basement. We knew we'd find PeeWee's bike there.

Also, in high school, after marching contest was over and we lost, we played Tequila on the field and had a whole new flag routine for it. We had a trombone player dress as PeeWee and ride a red bike onto the field. Our dance moves mimicked the Big Shoe Dance.

Good Times . . . Good Times . . .

forgetfulone said...

clap clap clap clap, deep in the heart of Texas! LOL The third link won't work, but the rest is funny! Ang is playing the "Tequila" song at school for the pep rally, but they aren't allowed to say tequila! They have to say taquito, or something like that! silly, huh?