What a Ride

You know that joke letter from a child to a mother stating all these horrible things only to state at the end that he only flunked a class, but boy, could it have been worse? Am I making sense? Well, I've had that happen in reverse. I received some news, only to have something worse brought to my attention. Suddenly the bad news wasn't so bad. Time has passed and all's well that ends well.

To recap. It's all been about Bear.

  • He had scoliosis detected during the routine 5th grade screening.
  • Because he was sporting a black eye and has healing mosquito bites which look like bruises on his back, the dr. told the school nurse he thought Bear looked beaten. Thank the good Lord above the school nurse asked Bear and passed along the info to that dr.
  • I've already mentioned the whole cheater thing.
Those were the bad things. Let's move on to the good things.
  • Bear got out of his batting slump.
  • He's been fortunate enough to have more than 1 at bat these past couple of games.
  • He hit a ground rule double. When he connected with that ball, all I could do was watch it fly. Suddenly, I realized it was going FAR. Big D & I stood up, clutching each others' arms. All I could think was, "Please outfielder, don't catch it!" Next thing I knew, it was bouncing over the fence. So, so close to being a homerun! He was even presented with the ball. :)

  • We took him to the doctor about the scoliosis. The doctor was flabbergasted as to why he was even referred. She was so confident he did not have that she didn't even order an x-ray of his back.
  • The very best news of all? Tomorrow morning I am having what is called an ARD meeting. In that meeting, Bear will be dismissed from speech therapy. Finally. Yay!


Library Girl said...

WOW! I don't even know what to say about the stupid "beating" thing... that's the most absurd thing I've ever heard. But I am SO proud of the baseball!!! :)

forgetfulone said...

Beaten? That's ridiculous! You have had so many blessings. Praise God!

littletoesandcheerios said...

Aw, that's great new that he will finally be out of therapy! He's so determined.

rachelizabeth said...

WHAT?! You beat up Bear and blame it on mosquito bites?!?! What else are you hiding from us? (kidding!)

That's just insane.

I'm glad that things are looking up for Bear. It's such a relief to know that the possible bad things were nonentities. I'm also glad to hear about the big hit! That must have been exciting!

Debbie said...

I cannot imagine the fear and anger that would go through me if someone thought my child was being beaten. And I am so very happy that the school year is ending with such wonderful news all around!

Patois said...

I'm going to disagree with the flow here and only say that I'd want any medical professional to assume the worst, particularly if he/she then investigated it to a degree rather than immediately passing it onto CPS.

That said, I'm so glad it worked out the way it did. (And, wow, he must have the same problem my daughter has with bug bites. Her bites end up looking horrible, like burns and such.)

Of course, that's also great about the scoliosis, the baseballing and the speech therapy completion.

And that picture?! He is handsome. To-tal-ly.

Jenny86753oh9 said...

I hate that, when you can't even take your child to a dr without being accused of something. We have a tendency of going through that with Gremlin because of how many scars are on his poor little head.

Sounds like a great ending with the speech therapy and baseball!

jennyonthespot said...

Beaten? Oh girl... unbelievable! I am so glad it's all OK. Insane. IN!SANE!

Big hugs, and alos - YAY for all the good stuff - roll around in those blessings!

Anonymous said...

Gettin' my happy dance on over here. That is so, so awesome. I mena really, the whole getting beaten thing? Parents dream about that!

Kidding, because helloooo? That's ridiculous and deserves to be laughed at. Seriously, YAY BEAR!