Guest Blogger

Bear wanted to tell about his 'hood adventure so I am going to let him guest blog.

Without further ado, I present to you Bear's story told in his own words:

In New York City in Harlem, the Polo Grounds (New York Giants played there until 1957) was a baseball stadium demolished to be a housing development. There is a plaque inside that Big Daddy & I wanted to see.

In the 'hood, it's rough & scary. If looks could kill, we would be dead by now. There were litter, broken beer bottles, shirts in the woods, graffiti everywhere, & that's pretty much all we saw. But, luckily, we went in the morning while they were picking up the litter. Good thing Big Daddy knew exactly where the plaque was (thank you Google Earth!) or else I wouldn't have wanted to go with him.

So we find the plaque in so-so condition. Some bolts were missing, scratches on it, & somebody tried to draw graffiti on it. Big Daddy took the picture, I ran over there quick as lightning to have my picture with it. Then we took off in a dash. Well, we hurried up anyway.

Luckily, my sister & mom weren't there, just in case we had to actually run from scary people. Whenever we were quickening to get out of there, somebody was following us. But he took a left. We walked up the long steps & we were officially out of the 'hood. Then, Big Daddy & I said: "We will never go into the 'hood of Harlem again."

That's pretty much our day in the 'hood. P.S. I don't think you should go there at night time.

Yours truly,


Melissa said...

I'm glad that the boys did not get hurt in the 'hood!

Lamb said...

I'm glad I wasn't there

Bubba's Sis said...

Bear, you and Big Daddy are so brave to go in the 'hood! I would have been too scared.

Misty Dawn said...

Brave indeed! I see Bear is quite good at telling a story. Future blogger?