The Office

There just isn't prime time family t.v. anymore. Sure, we can watch reality t.v. together, the Disney & Nick shows (which are cute & fun). But, where are the Brady Bunch, Happy Days, Growing Pains, Who's the Boss, & Cosby Show shows for us? Where's the life lesson with the nice wrap-up at the end? There are none that we've found.

And here's another show that's really not family tv but, dang, if we don't enjoy watching together. And by we, I mean the kids & I. Big D tries & he does laugh, but it moves too slow for him. What show am I talking about? The Office which is on Thursday night NBC.

I recently discovered it this summer. As I was watching by myself, Lamb innocently wandered in & got hooked. She loves the Pam & Jim story, especially the pranks. Wondering what we were laughing about, Bear walked in & got hooked. Should he watch it? Probably not. Sigh, I'm a bad parent. I let my child walk in the 'hood on a Monday morning AND I let him watch The Office sometimes.

We finally caught up on the dvds (may I add that I'm driving Bear crazy because season 3 is 4 days overdue). All that was left was season 4 on nbc's website. We watched a few shows when Bear was bored, ready for a break. Lamb wanted to keep watching. I told Bear that he could watch with us or watch later. He opted to watch later. Lamb & I were secretly high five-ing each other. See, Bear loves the theme song. He either makes up lyrics for it or just "sings" it without words.

Lamb & I were watching when I heard what sounded like the theme song, which we had just passed. I paused & sure enough I heard correctly. When I asked Bear about it, he said, "Yeah, I chose to watch later. And it is later." Oh, ok. Glad we got that cleared up.

Is it wrong of me to not be upset that we watched it at the sorta same time in 2 different places? Yeah, family t.v. Whatever happened to it?


Bubba's Sis said...

What DID happen to family TV? It seems everything on prime time anymore is inappropriate - even Celebrity FAMILY Feud has sexual ennuendos all over the place (slippery when wet!). The only things we really watch as a family anymore are a few reality shows (Survivor, Amazing Race, American Idol, Dancing With the Stars....). Sigh.

coastie bro said...

dang on it is about time you come to teh office. i love that show

Jamie Dawn said...

We are fans of The Office too, also, in addition, as well.


A friend of ours told us we MUST watch it, so we got the previous shows and got caught up with it.
I LOVE Dwight!!!

D... said...

Oh, I love Dwight as well. He never fails to make me laugh. I'm rooting for him & Angela and was quite shocked at the final seconds of the season finale. :O

Coastie Bro, I thought I remembered that you love it. Did you like Lamb's homage to Jim's camera looks? Bear won the Most Energetic in the Office dundie award.

Well Behaved Krissy said...

"Thats what she said".

I've become devoted to the Office b/c I swear that every company I work for is PERFECTLY profiled in that show. It also makes for really GREAT teaching in my classes of what not to do!!

Season 4 was TERRIBLE. Extremely poorly done and out of character. I spent the whole season trying to figure out where all the funny went. I decided they lost momentum with the writers strike. Hope they recover soon.

D... said...

I agree about season 4. I chalked it up to the writer's strike and hope next season brings the funny back.

I was so mad at Andy stealing Jim's mood. I've been doing some reading. People are concerned that NBC wants some Jim & Pam angst. Yikes, that makes me sad.

The Office is a good tool for what not to do! So, do you laugh a lot at work? ;)