47 Days Later

The insurance adjuster FINALLY visited us today . Turns out we need a total new roof. This is just another reminder of how we were graced by God's mercy regarding Hurricane Ike. The adjuster was flabbergasted that we didn't have any inside damage. He saw roofs that were in better condition than ours yet the inside of the home was totally destroyed. We didn't realize our roof was in such horrible shape. We only lost a few shingles. So now I'm worried about rain. We have had some rain and as far as I know, no water damage. :::crossing fingers:::

He only approved half our fence however. There are some boards that are usable (I hate mismatched planks, that's going to drive me buggy.) and we share with 4 other homes. Lovely trying to coordinate with everyone. I miss my fence! I'm a lazy dog owner and this constant taking the dog out is old now.

We still have to wait a few WEEKS for the money. Obviously, there are a lot of claims out here. It's so ugly here. All the broken fences and blue tarps are our view now. But! We have a view!

Maybe a new fence will be our Christmas present! Ty would sure like that!


Debbie said...

I would hate that mismatched fence business too.
I didn't even have a storm yet I had two water spots in two different rooms a few months ago. Odd.
Glad you didn't have bigger problems.

marky said...

I am sorry about the damage.. I do hope that your money comes sooner than later.

Amy-littletoesandcheerios said...

Sorry about your roof and fence. Things like that drive me crazy too. You need Ty!
And isn't it a pain taking your dog out all the time! I do it with our dog putting him on & off a chain when he goes to the bathroom...and trying to keep Madi in all at the same time. But, ya gotta love them.
Thank God you still have a view and your family is all well and safe. :)

Bubba's Sis said...

A whole new roof? Holy cow! Good thing ya'll haven't had any water damage from the rain we've gotten!

Keeping my fingers crossed that the money comes SOON!

(Do you have a blue tarp now?)

forgetfulone said...

Figures, doesn't it? We've started on our fence because insurance only gave us what our estimate was after the deductible. It's going to take a while!

Melissa said...

well i'm glad that things are beginning to come around. i'll be praying for no rain so that the inside of the house gets no damage.

Jennie said...

Thank-you, Jesus! Good luck on the fence. That would climb my spine!

Maggie said...

So sorry to hear about the damage. We just had our roof replaced, too. I'm with you on the mismatched planks. My husband and I put up our privacy fence this summer and didn't finish the job. Last weekend, we finished one section and now we have two different colors of fence down the back side! BEAUTIFUL!! =S

Misty Dawn said...

I'm so glad it wasn't worse for you! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you against water damage! (((HUGS)))