Instant GRITS

This is a companion piece to my recent Son of a GRITS post in which I talk about how Bear is totally my son.

It's Lamb's turn now. Only, she's not like me. She's like her daddy. They are both laid back and things just slide right off them. They both have this dry wit. They both are a fountain of useless trivia. Although, on both of their behalf (behalves?), they are also a fountain of useful information. Neither forgets anything. They constantly play this quoting game where they spout off their favorite scenes.

They both have an easy laugh. Things are just funny to them. It doesn't matter if they hear it one time or a million times. If it was funny then, it's funny now. And there is NOTHING like their laughs. It makes the world a fun place to live in.

Right now, there is a commercial on Disney that sends Lamb into gales of laughter every time she sees it. It's a promo for the Studio DC: Almost Live show with The Muppets and Disney actors. The 2nd show features a song by Demi Lovato featuring Beaker. I'm not sure if you'll find it as funny as Lamb does but it's here for your amusement.



Bubba's Sis said...

I DO find it as funny as Lamb does! Love that girl's sense of humor (and Big D's) - they get me!!

Patois said...

Dear Lord, when that commercial comes on my two youngest laugh uproariously. In fact, they've been making videos of the two of them doing the act.

Tales From the Eurovan said...

That Studio DC Almost Live is funny. They get a kick out of the Kermit the Frog and Ashley Tisdale one. I hadn't seen this before today! Yes, funny!

Take care,

Tales From the Eurovan said...

I've got to say...we've watched the clip about 10 times, showing every family member when they walk by. It gets funnier each time. I just want to know how Demi Lovato did this without cracking up?

Take care,

forgetfulone said...

I haven't seen this one yet, and Disney is on a lot at our house.

Lamb said...

Best Episode EVAH! LOL

D... said...

How can you not laugh when you see it? That Beaker. I don't know how Demi Lovato did it either. I wonder how many takes? LOL

Jennie said...

I will confess here my deep and abiding love of Beaker. He has always been my favorite Muppet.