My Boy and His Teacher

I believe I have told you how special Bear's teacher is here and here. She is still full of clever ideas. Right now, for their math, they are running a coffee & tea shop. Teachers send in their orders and their drink is hand delivered to them. The prices are reasonable and the drinks delicious. They've been opened for business for about a week now and have raised almost $200. All proceeds will be donated to a children's charity.

What I failed to mention to ya'll is that not only is she our school's Teacher of the Year but also our district's Teacher of the Year. Up next is the Regional level. She is so humble that she doesn't like to be called TotY. She thinks all teachers are deserving of that title. True, true. But, she earned it fair and square.

Another reason why she deserves the title is this video.
I'm really not sure how it came about. All I know is that she asked if it'd be ok and if she could pick him up for rehearsals. Any quiet time at home without Bear is fine by me! ;) Seriously, they worked hard and had loads of fun together.

Today was the 5th grade Awards Ceremony (proud mama alert: My boy received recognition for Drama Club, Safety Patrol, & Student Council. He also received the Presidential Excellence award for his all A's this year, PE Fitness & Sportsmanship only given to one boy and one girl, and was a runner up for the American Legion award) and at the end the song "My Wish" by Rascal Flatts was played. The teachers walked around hugging their students. When she got to Bear, his teacher pulled him in her arms for a dance. She says that she'll remember all her students and wish for them. Bear has been blessed with some WONDERFUL teachers. He will also remember each of them.

Enjoy the video, I'm sorry about the fuzziness! I think they can take their act to Dancing with the Stars!


Maggie said...

That's awesome! Wow, a great teacher makes such a difference in a child's life no matter what grade they're in. I remember my 4th grade teacher was my favorite - I remember everything from her class, and I'm 35 years old. These memories will stick with Bear forever!! =)

And Congrats to him on all the great awards and getting all A's!!

The McCrays said...

Very cool. And, I can't believe he's done with 5th grade. I remember you dragging him up to parties when he was a preschooler. The video was awesome!

Debbie said...

Your whole family has been blessed to have her in your lives. What a remarkable woman.

Patois said...

What a doll. The teacher and your Bear. Congrats, proud mommy.

Jamie Dawn said...

She is a terrific teacher! She will have a long lasting impact on the lives of her students.
Kids tend to remember their really good teachers and their really bad teachers (or coaches, etc...).
The good ones deserve a lot of appreciation.
DANCE DANCE DANCE!!!!!! They did a great job!