This marked Lamb's first Homecoming Dance and Bear's first baseball game of the season. Lamb did not go with a date, but with a group of friends. We were so proud of her for going. Usually, she only goes places if her bestie is going, too. However, they go to different high schools so that was not an option. It really made us happy that she decided to go. She even went to the movies with one of the girls!

Another thing that pleased us is that she did not require a new dress. Sure, she could have used one. I would have loved to have been able to buy her a new one. But, the timing wasn't right. And she never even asked. She dug in her closet and found a dress she felt would work. Yay, Lamb!

Bear had a great game. The thing I like about Fall Ball is that Bear is able to shine. I'm not sure why it doesn't happen in the Spring. Maybe it's because there aren't as many boys playing in the fall so the competition isn't as intense? Who knows... He is the lead off batter which is great for his self confidence! He's used to being on the bottom of the rotation. He made contact with the ball every at bat. Unfortunately, he got left on base. But, hey! At least he was on base. He even got to play his old position of 2nd base. Hello, my friend, it's been awhile. :)

May I just say it was miserably hot? I really didn't enjoy sitting out there. And, how bad a mama am I for being ecstatic that practice got rained out today?

Yeah, that's what I thought.


littletoesandcheerios said...

WOW! Big things are going on right now for both of them. These are truly the best times and we when were their age we didn't realize it.

Debbie said...

That sweet Lamb. My daughter is practical like that too. I think her two proms didn't cost me $100 total! And Lamb looked beautiful!

Forgetfulone said...

Lamb is beautiful! I know how proud you are. That was a big step for her. Let's hope all of Bear's games aren't so hot, and that he continues to love the game and do well. I know he will.

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Jamie Dawn said...

Hooray for Bear!! Getting on base is great, and it sure beats striking out. I hope he enjoys a terrific and fun season.

Lamb looks happy and pretty! I hope she had a great time. She seems like a real sweetie.


Misty Dawn said...

Once again Lamb proves to me what a mature, special, and fabulous young lady she is.