My Mission

Today, one of my friends brought the magazine, Texas Monthly, to work to use as an example of non-fiction. On the cover was this scrumptious looking hamburger. I was unable to thumb through the magazine but it looks like they found 50 of the best burgers in Texas.

I love a good burger. My favorites include, but aren't limited to, Whataburger for fast food and Dyer's in Memphis. I miss that place! They are pretty famous. When they opened a new location, they had police escorts for the grease that was going to the new restaurant.

The one on the cover came from Fredicksburg, TX. Just a day trip from Houston.

It's my mission to try as many of these burgers as I can. Yes, I am watching my cholesterol but I won't do this daily. ;) I do believe I should decide for myself if Texas Monthly is correct.

Now, I just need to convince Big D that this is something that must be done.



Debbie said...

Obviously you have to do this. It is in the name of journalistic integrity!

forgetfulone said...

My husband was on the quest for the best barbecue then for the best pizza. He thinks he's found both of those, so he may join you on your burger quest. Burgers aren't my favorite. I like them, but I'd usually choose something else first. Around here, Whataburger has the best fast food burger!

Bubba's Sis said...

Nothing will ever beat a Tookie's burger. *Sob!

Jenny86753oh9 said...

How fun would that be to do! And that burger looks incredible. I'm not a big burger person, but I'd drive all day for that! :-)

rachelizabeth said...

Don't worry about Big D. He can stay home. I'll go instead! :)

Shelby said...

the burger does look delicious. i love a good burger.

Jamie Dawn said...

You've got me craving an In N Out Burger. I must try a Whataburger and that one you said was in Memphis. I love a good burger too!!
In Savannah (where Courtney goes to school), they have a great burger place too.
I hope you eat as many of those burgers as possible.


Patois said...

Everyone needs a mission in life. I'm sure you'll get him to go along.