For Aunt Polly

Growing up, when my paternal grandmother's sister, Aunt Polly, would visit, we'd all groan. Not because we didn't love her but because she was ALWAYS taking pictures. Who wants their pictures taken ALL the time?! She would be so happy & excited to see us that she'd just squeal and whip out her camera. Then squeal some more. And take more pictures.

Now that I'm grown up, I suddenly see why Aunt Polly always had her camera. I am now compared to Aunt Polly when I whip out MY camera. And, it's not a bad thing to me to be compared to Aunt Polly & her camera. As a matter of fact, I would love to see her photo albums now. I have precious few pictures from my dad of me growing up. When my mom's 2nd husband left, he took a box labeled 'family treasures'. Those treasures were all the things my mom had saved from Coastie Brother's and my childhood. Pictures included. I imagine there are pictures of me all through my youth in Aunt Polly's picture collection.

Last night, Aunt Polly passed away. I can hear her squealing in Heaven as she meets Jesus and sees Aunt Mary & her other family members again. I'm sure she has her camera with her as well.

Today's lensday word is corporate. I'm going to skip it and honor Aunt Polly with a picture of just a few of the family she loved dearly.

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Family, I'm sorry I didn't get permission to post the picture first. If you have a problem with it, let me know and I'll take it off.


coastie bro said...

that room familiar to me for some odd reason. i wished you came over to teh house while you were here

D... said...

I know, I can't believe I didn't come over. I'll see it this summer. :)

Bubba's Sis said...

A beautiful tribute, D!

And you're looking quite tan in that picture! :-)

Anonymous said...

Such a sweet tribute.... I have also been compared to Aunt Polly, but who cares?? We will have all the memories to share!!!
Auntie W

Misty Dawn said...

Awesome tribute D.
Rest in Peace Aunt Polly

Patois said...

What a beautiful tribute. Much better than any "corporate" would have been.

D... said...

Thank you everyone.