We Are The Griswalds

  • While watching Christmas Vacation with Lamb, we had to laugh at how like the Griswalds we are. There were several times during the course of the movie that fit our family perfectly, right down to Big D having a cleft chin like Clark. It made the movie all that more funny & enjoyable.

  • I had my 1st giggle of the new year. Another instance that fit us perfectly happened at our local Barnes & Noble. Our store is set up where you walk into a foyer filled with bargain books then you open another door that leads into the store. We were in the foyer with a man browsing the bargains. As we were opening the door to go into the store, a lady walked out. As we passed her, we heard her say to the man: Did we mean to come in here? Big D & I looked at each other and burst into giggles. I could so see that scenario playing out between us. Earlier that day, I had wondered to him if I had mentioned a thought out loud or merely kept it in my head. I, of course, had mentioned it out loud to him. I think he's worried about me now. ;)

  • I only have two days left of weekday vacation. I have mixed emotions about that. It's been such a lovely break. I wish the kids could go back to school and leave me at home for a couple of days. ;)

  • The Christmas tree is almost put away. Bubba's Sis and I have decided that Big D has ADD. I took all the ornaments off the tree. Big D went behind me and took off the lights. He laid them on the floor then walked off. Silly me assumed that we went to get the tree box. Several minutes later, he never returned. I figured I better go rescue him from the clutches of the clutter in the garage. What do my eyes find? Big D playing video games in our room! I can't complain too much. I started putting away some of the decorations and then stopped as well.

  • Audio Up has been performing at the H-Land Family Nightclub since last night. They are just as entertaining as H³. Their signature song is Wanted Dead or Alive but the crowd favorite is Gimme Some Shelter by the Rolling Stones.

Good Times so far....


Bubba's Sis said...

Can't wait to see Audio Up live!!

coastie bro said...

i always knew that. all you need is the family truckster (green station wagon)

Stacey said...

Family truckster --yeah, I go for that! But Partridge Family yellow with all the little boxes and stuff! xo

D... said...

Hmmm, a Partridge Family yellow station wagon with all the colorful boxes. Yeah, I could go for that. :D

Jen said...

Sounds like you're having a great start to 2008. My hubby LOVES the Griswalds...they stress me out! I can relate just a little too much.

(You have the best side avatars! I love Chuck.)