So, back in December, Bubba's Sis passed along an email about Hannah Montana coming to the Houston Rodeo. To make it fair, there was going to be a lottery to purchase up to 4 tickets. One entry per email address up to 4 entries per family. We got busy signing up for it. Once that was done, to be honest, I forgot all about it.

Til today. I remembered that the lottery winners would be notified by email either yesterday or today. I knew that I never got an email. I was kinda bummed but really, didn't expect to be picked. Then, while IMing with Bubba's Sis, just because, I checked Big D's email.

What??? Is that??? Could it be??? Oh.My.Golly. I'm shaking from pure excitement. Oh.My.Golly.I don't think I can open it. But, open it I do. Oh.My.Golly. This Saturday from 8am to 8pm, I have the opportunity to buy 4 Hannah Montana tickets for March 9th!!!!!! Guess who I'm taking with me?

I don't usually show pics of the kids' faces. But, this is too irresistible to pass up and I was shaking so it's not a good quality picture (& yes, the tree is STILL there). To put that look on my daughter's face is the greatest feeling. I know that, in the near future, most looks will probably be scowls, so I'm cherishing this one.

We are going to see Hannah Montana!!!!!! Finally!


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Jen said...

Awwww...that's a great spontaneous picture of pure de-light!!

Patois said...

You are so lucky. Your daugther and Bubba's Sis' daugther are going to be in hog heaven. Sounds like you two will be, too.