Hablo Ingles?

When I look in the mirror, I see a Caucasian girl. Nothing exotic.What do I look like to you?When some others look at me, they see something else. In my life, I have been mistaken for French, Italian, and, most often, quite often, Hispanic.

Just the other day, Big D & I were in Verizon getting our free phone upgrades. Our person made the comment that the phone Big D was looking at had a Spanish feature. Weird, but I thought nothing of it.

As we left, Big D commented that he thought she thought (lovely wording, no?) I was Spanish speaking. Surely not, I said. But then as I thought about it,maybe so.

However, once I open my mouth, there's no mistaking my culture.


Valarie Lea said...

Seriously, I get the same thing! I don not see what or why they think this. I have been told way to many times that I look like Gloria Estaves (sp).

Debbie said...

Isn't that funny that people jump to those assumptions? You look like a former Memphis cutie to me.

littletoesandcheerios said...

Very interesting and I love the title!

I'm so pale nobody mistakes me for anything other than caucasian!
I so need a tan!

Big D said...

You are from Arkansas so wouldn't that make you Hick-spanic?

Bubba's Sis said...

LOL at Big D's comment! Or would that be Senor D?

You are a GRITS thru and thru, BFF!

Jennie said...

LOL @ Big D. I can't say I see any Hispanic there. Just a cute little white girl.

Maggie said...

It is funny how people make those assumptions.

And Hick-spanic - That comment was hilarious!

Jamie Dawn said...

Hillbilly, through and though!!

You are a pretty lady!!!!

At least no one thinks you are a Turkey from Turkey who's Turkish.
You could pass for an Albanian or Romanian.
Are you part Greek?
When in Rome...



You? Hispanic? Nope, not seeing it. I've seen a lot of times - especially in TX - if you have dark hair, you're automatically Hispanic.

I love it when people see my last name and start talking to me in Spanish. I don't know Spanish. I'm not Hispanic. I'm a white chick and proud of it. Just because my married name is Hispanic, though, people think I am.

Stacey said...

LOL Sweetheart, I look at you and see the prettiest face! You're beautiful--and I'm a little partial to dark features. xo

Anonymous said...

Only Big D could come up with Hick spanic and get by with it.... it was funny!!!
Auntie W

Patois said...

Just another pretty face. (And some awesome white teeth!)

Arlene said...

Oh well, if i look at your picture you i may think the same but sure do when u open your mouth i will full know what culture ur from.

Have the same experience while working in China. They think am Chinese bt nah when i opened my mouth then they will know am not one. :)

You are beautiful!