Why, Hello There!

I just realized that I've been absent all week long. No particular reason, the first part of the week I've been working on Christmas presents. I so wish certain people (cough Bubba's Sis, Lamb, Big D cough) didn't read this blog. I'm excited about presents but can't share just yet!

The middle part of the week was filled with cooking. I abhor cooking. But, I can whip up a pretty yummy holiday meal. Either that or the family knows better than to complain. It was a nice day even though it was spent with in town family. Just reread that. It sounded bad. I mean, we didn't have any other family come visit and obviously we didn't visit family. It was basically just another day, but filled with gratitude. I am extremely thankful for Lamb's helping spirit, Bear's generous spirit, and Big D's spoiling spirit. I am a lucky duck, I am.

The end part of the week was spent on shopping. This is a hard-knock Christmas so I've had to be creative. I have scrimped, saved, sent in rebates, & tutored for money. Presents will be sparse, but they'll be meaningful. This has forced me to really think about what people want and not just splurge on everything I see.

So shopping today wasn't bad at all. We knew exactly where we wanted to go and exactly what we wanted to buy. We walked in each store, found our items quickly (& didn't browse because that's what gets me in trouble), and spent maybe 5 minutes in line. Of course, we avoided the mall and we didn't start until after 7am.

And tonight I found my mojo! For some odd reason, I looked over my crochet directions again (maybe not so odd since I've been trying to figure out why it looked so different for days now). Lo and behold! I was able to understand it. So, yeah, roughly 7 hours of work done completely WRONG. Sigh. Sweet Bear tells me to not worry about it as it matters not to him. Lamb agrees. My anal heart is going crazy. But 7 hours is a Long Time to just undo all that work. What to do, what to do?

That's my week. I'm excited about tomorrow's Camera Critters. I have a funny one! And I plan to visit all of you too. I hope each of you had a blessed, fun, and yummy Thanksgiving! Tah!


Bubba's Sis said...

Thank GOODNESS you found your mojo!!! You were holding the directions upside down again, weren't you? Tsk, tsk. Details, woman!

My computer has been acting up and I had NO internet today until about 2 hours ago. I'm so glad ya'll had a good Thanksgiving!! We did, too (despite that football game). I love you, BFF. I am most thankful for YOU!

Patois said...

Glad you had a nice, peaceful Thanksgiving, even if it was only with the locals.

littletoesandcheerios said...

So glad your mojo has been found! So much fun cooking and shopping...really gets ya in the spirit, doesn't it?

Tales From the Eurovan said...

You go girl on the Christmas shopping! I have heard horror stories of items sold out at stores and hour long check out lines! My husband had to work at 6am on Friday and I had no desire to take 3 kids shopping alone! We stayed home!
Take care,

Stacey said...

I've been gone quite a lot this week, too, no worries on my end! Happy Thanksgiving...and thanks for the honest post. John's bonus was half it's usual amount, and while I'm sooo grateful for any at all, I also know creativity will need to start flowin. Actually, it's a challenge I'm kinda up for! xoxo