The Old Man, The Diva, and The Stalker

My zoo consists of Tyler J. Woofington III, Professor Fluffykins, and Mr. Squeakers. It's a fun place to visit filled with lots of crazy antics. Some fun, some not so fun.

However, we received a notice from our vet informing us that since Ty is now a senior canine citizen, he now needs a more specialized visit. What? A senior canine citizen???? Then we started to notice little things. Our protector has slowly turned into an old man. He still has a lot of years left, but it is obvious that he isn't the spry pup he once was. :(

Then we have our little diva, Professor Cleo Fluffykins. She's actually older than Ty but she still has quite the spring to her step.
And, finally, Elvis. Little did we know when we named him that it was after Elvis, the later years. For such a large kitty, he has a small, high voice. He's a silent cat, unlike Cleo who is a talker. When he speaks, it sounds like a squeak. All the sweet baby does is eat, sleep, and stalk. He goes "to bed" around 10am and we don't see him again until around 6pm or so. His favorite activity, besides eating, is stalking Cleo or even Ty, sometimes. Unfortunately for him, but fortunately for Cleo, he can't jump up to high places. Cleo can with grace and agility. She just smirks down at him.

My zoo. I wouldn't trade any of them and would add more if we had the room, money, & time to raise a new baby!

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We love Luna said...

Hello dear friends!
wow your zoo is very special!I enjoyed a lot these pictures and their stories!Cool post!
Happy camera critters
purrs and love

Rose said...

I enjoyed meeting your zoo! We have one, also, but I have never introduced them in such a way. One of these days..

eileeninmd said...

You have a nice zoo there. I really loved Ty. What a cutie! Thanks for sharing your zoo and critters.

Forgetfulone said...

Awwww. Your old man looks so sweet. Cleo, too. She looks like an angel. Boy has Elvis gotten big! That stinker with the squeaky voice!

magiceye said...

wonderful companions indeed!

Calico Crazy said...

Cleo and Ty are great; but that Elvis is something special. Our Clarkie has been renamed Fat Orange as it is more descriptive of his actual presence in the world.

Calico Contemplations

Quilt Works said...

What a sweet family you have! It is rough getting old, even for a dog, eh?

Cast your vote for whic of my artworks should be the next free giveaway. Lots of critter art!

Misty Dawn said...

HOLY Cowabunga! I can NOT believe how big Elvis is!!! WOW!

And that sweet, sweet, Ty... give him a kiss for me.

Patois said...

I love your zoo and I ADORE your dogger.