So, the kids & I were all up early. We had our game plan. I was on the computer & cell phone. Lamb was on the house phone, Bear on the laptop, BFF on the kids' computer. Even Big D got up to help out. At one time, we had every single computer & phone in the house going. To no avail. Webpages wouldn't load, phone lines were busy. One time, BFF got music rather than a busy signal. We were whooping for joy! Two minutes later, promptly went to busy signal. Big D was able to get to the order tickets page only to be told that no tickets available. But we kept trying! One hour and 15 minutes later, BFF finally got the music again. I took the phone from her and waited. And waited. And waited some more. FINALLY I got a real life person on the phone! Only to be told: Sorry, Hannah Montana tickets are all sold out. ARGH!!

But! While all this was going on, Big D was also looking at ebay and ticket broker sites. They already had tickets posted. If I had no sense of money, or money to randomly spend on whatever, I could buy tickets. It's grossly not right. This is a trend I'm noticing for everything. Hot toys are bought up only to be sold at ridiculous prices. Any kind of entertainment venue is the same thing. Sigh.

The war is not lost however. We have not given up hope. There are still other options!


Bubba's Sis said...

That really p-words me off when you can't buy something because someone else bought them all up to re-sell at a profit!! There should be some kind of law about that. It's just not right.

coastie bro said...

what is th ebig deal? r the tickets for you or Lamb? i havfe never seen you so worked up. very strange

Stacey said...

Woah Miss D--you're working so hard! I don't think it's strange--you're the best momma bear around and you know a memorable event when you see it! Good look and I sooo agree with you about the injustice of the tickets being bought up like that. If you get a site for me to write to, let me know, I'm ready. xo

I rock? Oh no, D...I do believe you are a rockin momma. Hands down.

Stacey said...

Okay D, this is so weird---we ate dinner at our friends' house yesterday evening when Pam started talking about the SAME thing that happened up here in Kansas City. She was livid--apparently she paid $30 to be eligible for pre-sales and they were all sold out before they even got online! I told her about your experience in TX as well...someone needs to get an earful!