Conversations Overheard

Here are several:

Bear: OOO Wheeee, my crush should be a cocktail waitress!

Me: Why?

Bear: She'd get a lot of tips!!

Me: And why is that?

Bear: Cuz she's FIIIIINE!

Me (to myself): Oh good grief

Bear, to hubby, while playing on the computer: Daddy, do you think I'm going to be one of those 40 yr. old virgins who lives with his parents and plays video games all day?

Hubby: I doubt that's completely you. What's a virgin?

Bear: Someone who isn't married.

Bear overheard by his teacher: I have to get good grades.

Teacher (thinking to herself): He better not say his mom expects it of him!! I know better than that.

Bear: My mom works here and that just looks bad. Besides, I just don't like to make bad grades.


Stacey said...

D, I think it would be a lot of fun hanging around that boy. What a sharp mind!

GiGi is here, she's so darn adorable! But they're all sacked out for the night, it was a long drive. And we had snow, which made the lights in the park drive very cool! xo

Bubba's Sis said...

A virgin cocktail waitress, of course.

That boy cracks me up.

Misty Dawn said...

LOL - he is SO funny! Thanks for sharing these!

D... said...

He's even funnier when you can hear his voice and see his facial expressions. He is SO much fun. Brings tons of joy to our lives.

Stacey, I'm glad GiGi made it safe and sound. Lights in the snow are so magical. I hope you post some pictures! Keep enjoying the visit!