D...'s Christmas

I am not much of a cook. I don't really bake. A decorator is something you would never call me; in our home and for the holidays. Really, I feel sorry for my kids some days. One thing that I do feel like I do well is give them a sense of tradition during the Christmas season. My sweet friend Melissa wrote a post about traditions. I figured I'd steal her idea and list some of our traditions.

  • We have two Playmobil advent calendars. One is a Nativity scene and one is a Santa Claus scene. The kids alternate years with each. They can never remember which one they did the previous year so they fight over them. No, not the Santa scene but the Nativity scene.

  • Back when Coastie Brother and I were kids, the tradition of seeing a movie on Christmas Eve was started. We continue it with my kids. Christmas Eve is filled with a movie, games, singing songs, & church (if we are in town). Oh, and last minute Christmas shopping just for kicks. ;)

  • We also bake a birthday cake and sing Happy Birthday to Jesus.

  • We read about the Christmas Story, Twas the Night Before Christmas, and the Polar Express before bedtime. We ring a jingle bell to make sure the kids can still hear it. Big D & I still hear it!

  • Before bed, they get to open one present each. That present is always new pajamas wrapped around a new ornament.

  • We put out cookies (preferably Snickerdoodles), carrots, & milk. And sprinkle Reindeer food in our yard so there is no trouble finding the house.

  • The kids wake up but they aren't allowed to leave their rooms until EVERYONE is awake. I have to go out & get the camera ready. Then, when the stage is set, we call them out.

  • For breakfast, we always have sausage balls, "French" miniature muffins, and grits (the only time we eat grits). I have yet to perfect the grits, but, if I do say so, I have mastered the muffins.

  • We play games & watch movies all day together. We talk on the phone to family members we can't share the day with. And play with all the new toys. Sadly, as they get older, the toys get fewer. The electronics are fun though!

  • And, of course, we eat our scrumptious meal.

  • We thank God for sending us His son and for blessing our lives with awesome children, great family, and wonderful friends. Our cup runneth over.


coastie bro said...

man does that sound like a good time. xmass is just another day for me. BUT i am very excited about this year 8 more days and the kids will be here for the whole holiday timeframe.

D... said...

Well, you know, I get Christmas being just another day. But, I don't want the kids to have the same issues so I try really hard. Maybe too hard?

This Christmas will not just be another day for you. And I better not hear you say that it is! I'm thrilled you'll have the kids for the whole time. It's going to be a special time for all of you. NOT just another day.