Tale of TWO Digital Photo Frames

There once was a girl named D...who really wanted a digital photo frame. She was known for taking millions of pictures yet never getting prints made. A digital photo frame would be a perfect gift, she said.

There once was a boy named Big D. He was known for trying his best to give the girl, D..., her heart's desire. If it was a photo frame she wanted, by golly, a photo frame she shall receive!

Unfortunately, the company said photo frame was purchased from conspired against them. An email stating: BACK ORDER was soon received in the boy's, Big D, email inbox. Drat that company, thought Big D.

Never fear! Our boy, Big D, is a hero after all! He searched and searched for another. But, alas, all places said the same thing. Sold out, sold out, sold out. 'Til finally a store much like Buy More informed him YES! Our warehouses are sold out but certain store locations still have some in stock. Our hero was a happy boy.

While the boy, Big D, and the adorable little children, Lamb & Bear, were out shopping. D... was home alone enjoying the bliss of silence. When suddenly there was a knock at the door and the wild barking of Ty the Dog. What could it be? she wondered. As she opened the door, she realized it was the package that Big D had been waiting to arrive. Hmmm....thought she, Let me not ruin his surprise. So she closed the door and went about her business.

When the family returned, she kept the secret close to her heart. She could tell her family was amused and pleased. That pleased the girl, D.... Afterwards, there were sly little jokes about how sad it was that what she really wanted would have to wait until sometime in January. She played along and acted very bummed.

Christmas morning arrived full of fanfare and happiness. The girl, D..., opened the last 2 gifts. As she unwrapped one digital photo frame, she exclaimed: You lied!! It's not on backorder. The boy, Big D, just smiled. The last present was unwrapped and it revealed yet another photo frame! Now D... was really surprised. Two!

The same day the boy, Big D, bought the digital photo frame, he came home to find the original one sitting on the front porch. Rather than returning one of them, he decided to give the girl, D..., two of what her heart desired.


Stacey said...

Girl named D must be an incredibly amazing lady to have ranked not one but TWO! Now for sure you can fit one of me in there, right? xo

Bubba's Sis said...

Lucky duck. I didn't even get one. But I DO have a return to make....hmmm...a digital photo frame would make a lovely replacement gift....

Patois said...

Dang, D, darn delighful.

Stacey said...

Yeah!!! It's great! I think I like your format best, the header is centered--I might steal it.


coastie bro said...

awww how sweet

Misty Dawn said...

What a fabulous story! D and Big D sound like they have such a wonderful relationship!

We got a digital frame from my step daughter - it's awesome, and I'm looking forward to when I have a chance to mess around with it.

Big D said...

Busted!!!! I am so glad I decided to read your blog. I am finding out all kinds of interesting things.