Music to My Ears

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Lamb is one of those children who has tried a little bit of everything before finding her passion in the theatre. Since she was three, she has tried: gymnastics (twice), dance, soccer (several times), jazzercise, cross country, track, and violin. Yes, violin. Her choice. I wanted her to take piano lessons and she wanted to take violin lessons. She really has a natural gift for it. She would NEVER practice yet could fool her teacher into thinking she'd been practicing all week. After 2 years, her teacher quit and Lamb decided it was a good time for her to quit as well. Plus, her track practice was going to interfere with the lesson time.

That was a year ago. To the best of my knowledge, she did not pick up the violin again until her cousin Pumpkin asked her to play a song during her visit. Until this week.

I have been addressing Christmas cards (running late, I know) while being serenaded by Lamb's playing Christmas carols on her violin. It's made my heart sing!

However, it did not make Cleo the cat's heart sing. It hurt her ears and she took it out on ME. She got behind me and would nip my arms. That was not as pleasant as the music Lamb was making.