It's All In A Name

When I married hubby, the dream of giving my kids unusual names went out the window. His last name is unusual enough. I couldn't saddle them with an odd first name as well. So what I did was give them common names but chose the least common way of spelling them. Actually, that's not true. I did choose Lamb's spelling but Bear's was all Big D's idea (that's a fact I don't let him forget either). I knew that their names would be misspelled often, but I still wanted to give them something unique.

I'm fine with people who don't know how they spell their names getting it wrong. Like I mentioned, I expected that. Not a big deal if you've never been told how their names are spelled. What I have a problem with are the GRANDPARENTS messing up. A certain granny who is not blood related to me has suddenly forgotten how to spell Bear's name. Very minor, I know, but frustrating nonetheless. I suddenly want to email her or send her a card, casually mention Bear, and put it in ALL CAPS. Maybe make it bold with an underline, idk.

My poor kids. Their last name gets butchered, their first names get misspelled. And, in Bear's case, sometimes his FIRST name AND his last name get butchered in the pronunciation. For the record, his name isn't uncommon at all nor is the spelling way out there. I don't get why a lot of people can't seem to get it right. And now, his granny can't even spell his name. It can all be very vexing.


Kim said...

Thing is...even the most common of names get butchered as well. I don't have that hard of a last name (either maiden or married) and they always get butchered.

Sorry to hear that they are going through it too.

Patois said...

That's really too dang funny.

D... said...

It really is funny especially since Karma bit me in the booty tonight. My side of the family sent Lamb her Christmas gift and misspelled HER name. My defense is that the writing was not familiar to me. I believe one of the step-siblings, who would NOT know how to spell her name, wrote it out. And one of the step-siblings has the same name, different spelling as Lamb. Easy mistake to make! I'm sticking to it. ;)

Bubba's Sis said...

I just don't understand how your family can misspell Bear's name - I mean, how hard is it to spell BOB? :-)