Perfect Presents

Last night we exchanged gifts with the Bubba's Sis Family. Bubba's Sis has been saying for about a month now that she had *THE* perfect gift for me and she didn't lie! See the D Scrabble piece pendant? How perfect is that? It matches my avatar AND it's what I always call Big D & myself. D2, 2 Ds, D squared, all of the above. I Y it! Also, her son touched my heart too. At Disney, he traded one of his pins for the Cherry Mickey face pin because it reminded him of me & he thought I'd like it. He was wrong. I don't like it, I LOVE it! The fun doesn't stop there tho! We also got the Cinderella's castle puzzle to work on during the long (cough) winter days when nothing is on t.v. due to the writer's strike.

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It was a lovely night filled with good friends, laughter, apple pie, & presents!

I hope each of you has the Merriest of Christmas', homes filled with love & laughter, and hearts filled with joy over all the 'gifts' your lives hold.

Merry Christmas


Stacey said...

What a beautiful post, D! I adore all your gifts, all of them, Miss D ( is it D squared or is D a square? hehe! )

I'll head over To B/S's and check it out now, can't wait to see what you got her....

And thank you for ongoing prayers and hugs and thoughts. Whatever brought you and B/S into my world (I don't even remember now!) I'm more glad about it than you know. xoxo

Merry Christmas

Bubba's Sis said...

Merry Christmas, BFF! Glad you loved the gifts. You KNOW I loved mine! You rock.

coastie bro said...

so if i go to my fav store and see a song that reminds me of you can i get it for you? will it brings tears to your eyes?

PS kids are having a great time here. the oldest went shopping and got her dress and shoes for next month. we also took them to our church today. the lil one likes it the oldest found it very different.

Lamb said...

Those were the best gifts ever! But that puzzle is super hard!!!

D... said...

Coastie Bro, it depends on the song! I am so happy that everyone is having so much fun together!! I can't wait to see the dress & shoes!

Stacey, anytime in whatever way!

Lamb, that puzzle IS hard! It's all BLUE!

Patois said...

Does that BFF know you best or what?

Misty Dawn said...

What awesome presents! You and Bubba's Sis have such an awesome friendship!