Birthday Wishes

When I was a month shy of my 13th birthday, I got the phone call that I had a new baby sister. That call was received with mixed emotions. On the one hand, I was elated to have a sister. I already had a brother & stepbrother (both the same age as each other) so it would be nice to not be the only girl. And then there was the other hand. I would NOT be the only girl.

I wish I could tell you that life with sister was grand. To be honest, I don't really remember much of the baby years. I remember being silly with Shonda using sister's things. I remember picking her up from the baby sitter. But her? Not so much. I didn't really see much of her and when she was 2, Coastie Bro & I moved to Massachusetts.

I came back into her life with a bang when she was 5. I was 18 and had just moved in with our dad, her mom, and our other sister. Oh, we fought. She was in my way and I was in her space. But in the midst of that arguing, we became close. During that time frame, I was the one the girls depended on. Their mom was unhappy and tended to shut herself away from the world. I would take her shopping, do her hair, dance, & be silly with her. I even took her to a New Kids on the Block concert. She fell asleep before it was over!

Once I was married, life didn't change too terribly much. By then, her parents were divorced. When the girls would come for their weekend visits, I'd spend the night with them. I would meet them at the movies. I'd have them over to spend the night with me. After Lamb was born, I didn't go back to work. So during the summers, Sister would come stay with me for a week or so. At this time, our other sister was having some issues and I didn't see her anymore.

As Sister grew up & became a teenager, I saw her less & less. As is understandable, she didn't want to come visit. She wanted to be with her friends & boyfriends. And then my family moved to Texas. Luckily, by the time she was in college, I was fully internet savvy. During her college years, we'd talk via instant messaging or the cell phone. She'd come visit down here during her college breaks. During that time, now that she was grown, we realized how much alike we are. It was freaky but oh-so-cool.

Now she's married. We don't talk as much as we used to. She didn't have internet (she does now & I'm THRILLED), she didn't have nation wide on her cell phone (she does now AND we have the same carrier, woot), and life just got in our way. With all her new stuff, I fully intend to get her back in my life as a sister should. No, we don't have the typical sister stuff. That's kinda hard when you don't really grow up together. But, we ARE sisters.

But, the biggest news of all is not only is today her birthday, BUT! She's going to be a Mama herself! I'm going to be an aunt again. The only sad thing is I'm so far away. I won't think about that now tho. Today, I'll wish her a Happy Day and tell her how happy I am that she was born!


Bubba's Sis said...

Happy Birthday, Sister!

Anonymous said...

What a sweet tribute to your sister!!Makes tears come to my eyes.... I love you both! and how exciting it is that she is gonna be a momma!! Can't wait.. I'll be great aunt again..Am I getting old??????
Auntie W

Stacey said...

D, I feel honored to get this peek into your life. Happy Birthday to your sister!

And D, while I can't blog it (my sis has access to my blog and it would hurt her) my little sister Antoinette and I are far from close. Long story, so much pain, but we're finally able to speak on the phone and email. I wish you and your sister a long and healthy relationship! xoxo

Lamb said...

Happy Birthday indeed

oops... I'm a little late

Misty Dawn said...

Holy Cow this is a great post! Yes, I'm late, but HUGE happy birthday wishes to Sister! and HUGE congratulations too! It's so fantastic that you are 're-connecting'!

Kim said...

Beautifully written! What wonderful sisters you have become.

Happy Birthday to your Sister!

Library Girl said...

I love this post. It makes me all teary for my brother, whom I spent every day of my childhood from June 8, 1976 on, and who lives no more than 1 hour away, and who is the father of the best nephew in the world, but I STILL don't see him/them or talk to them as much as I'd like. What a wonderful sentiment!

Jamie Dawn said...

I hope her b-day was a goody.
Congrats on her pregnancy!!!
How fun!

D... said...

Thanks everyone!!

And, Aunt W, nah you aren't getting older cuz that makes ME getting older too. ;)