I Spy

I spy with my little eye: Pete Rose!

While casually walking in the Caesars Palace mall, The Forum Shops, in Vegas, Big D suddenly stopped right where he was. "Lil D, is that? Could it be? Nah, surely not. I think, really, I think it IS Pete Rose! Pete Rose!" Pete Rose was one of Big D's sports heroes, you know before that nasty gambling was exposed.

I know this may surprise some of you, but I HATED baseball (well, any sport) growing up. Every time we went to visit our dad, sports would be on the t.v. Our summers were filled with baseball. This was before all day cartoons & old sitcoms. "When will the game end?!" I'd groan. My knowlege of the sport was limited. I did know a few names however. Pete Rose & Ozzie Smith being the ones I knew the most. So to see this man who Big D thought was Pete Rose was sorta thrilling for me too.

Of course, we walked over to check out this guy. To our surprise, it really was the great baseball player signing autographs. Big D so wanted one but he thought the price was a tad expensive so we walked off. I told him that he'd probably never have this opportunity again. He'd regret it. We were on vacation and should splurge. Those of you who know us know that this was total role reversal. Usually, he's the spender and I'm the thrifty one. And those of you who know me are thinking, "When did that happen?"

We took maybe 10 steps when Big D realized that he HAD to have an autographed baseball. So we abruptly turned around. Pete Rose was so nice. He chatted Big D up while smacking his gum (a tad rude, imo). I didn't want to be in the picture, but the guys insisted. As we were walking away, I, being the Southern Belle that I am, said: "Why, thank you very much, Mr. Rose!" He laughed and said: "There's that Houston accent." Um, not really but it'd be too long-winded to explain exactly how I got my accent!
A thrilling chance encounter that put a huge grin on the guy-who-does-everything-for-eveyone-else's face


Stacey said...

Okay I have had enough of this! I go over to B/S and she's hanging out with Matt Laur and Miss Boobs and over here you're hanging out with Pete Rose! The best I've done all year I think it's JenGi! I mean she's great and all, but she's no Pete Rose/Matt Lauer! (I spelled it two ways to get me a 50/50 chance of being right)

I'm hanging out with all ya'll from now on. xoxo

Bubba's Sis said...


Misty Dawn said...

WOW! What an experience! That's awesome!

Bubba's Sis said...

Lamb and Bear are both awesome! I love those kids!

Patois said...

Of course, he'd be in Vegas. Where else would he be betting?

D... said...

That's what I said, Patois! And we have since found out that he's in Vegas often. :P

Stacey, we are where the party's at! Stick with us and you'll never be bored. :D I have a feeling you do all right yourself, tho!