Big D & I are often accused (jokingly, I hope ) by Coastie Brother of playing favorites. "Poor Lamb," Coastie Bro often sighs. There is one thing that Lamb definitely gets the better end of the stick. Birthday parties. I think Bear has only had 1 his whole entire life. And that was after we had to postpone it because of a pesky hurricane evacuation. Anyway, here are a collection of some of Lamb's parties. The girl loves a theme!

10th Birthday: Pink poodle theme. They did some pink poodle crafts!

11th Birthday: A reader's theatre American Girl mystery. Samantha is her favorite doll so we did her mystery. All the invitees had parts and some even dressed in character!

12th Birthday: This was the party that Lamb could NOT wait to have. It was a Chinese Year of the Dog party. We had a lot of fun with the decorations and party favors.

13th Birthday: No party this year. I don't think she was too disappointed. She got to have Breakfast at Tiffany's and dinner with the Phantom. Not too shabby!


Stacey said...

Oh man I feel very inadequate in the birthday party arena now. I'm all depressed and stuff. Naww, but I really really enjoyed this, D. Thanks! xo

Bubba's Sis said...

Those were fun! How come we weren't invited to the 13th? Huh? Huh? We came to all the others!

coastie bro said...

the guilt kicks in. well she is lucky b/c if she was mine child there will be no party here.

Library Girl said...

Spectacular events! In particular, I love the cat messin' around w/ the fan on the table in the Year of the Dog pic! Lamb definitely has had some good ones. You're a great Mama! :)

Misty Dawn said...

I just love that girl! Am I invited to her next party??? Man, I've been missing out!