Boy, Is it Quiet!

This is our 3rd day without Bear. Our school district has this thing where the 5th graders have an opportunity to visit DC with or without guardians. No worries, there is a school sponsor. Even if guardians go, the kids stay in the hotel room with other kids and not their parents. It's a fun experience for them! Bear is having a great time which I'll post about later (or let him guest blog).

When Lamb was in 5th grade, she desperately wanted to go. We wanted her to, but we didn't want her traveling alone. I trusted the school sponsor, but I wasn't ready to let Lamb go off into the world without a family member. However, we couldn't afford two tickets. In steps my mom. I was hoping she'd volunteer to pay for MY trip, but instead, she paid for herself.

Lamb is an independent, quiet, aloof girl so we didn't think anything of sending her off to DC with her G. There were over 30 kids in her grade level going and several of her friends. It was hard seeing her off, but I knew she'd love every minute of it.
And she did. Until that first night. She & G were riding in the elevator to their rooms when G asked Lamb what was wrong. Lamb burst into tears and wailed, "I miss my Moooommmmmyyyyy." Broke G's heart. Broke mine also when I heard. Luckily, Lamb had some great friends to cheer her up. And the next day, G found a Mama & baby stuffed snow leopard (my favorite exotic animal) to remind her of me. Lamb was fine after that.

There were several moments of that trip that my mom will always remember. While on the bus touring the different monuments, the kids spontaneously burst into The Star Spangled Banner upon seeing the Iwo Jima statue. The kids were incredibly respectful at the Vietnam Wall and other memorials. After viewing the children's portion of the Holocaust Museum, they had an interesting discussion at dinner. So, even though, there were a lot of kids, it was a good time.

Then there is this trip. Bear has been waiting for four years for his turn. Once again, my mom went instead of me. I'm not bitter, really, I'm not. It's a smaller group, only 10 kids. Only two of them boys. And five of those girls? Obnoxious. And it takes a lot for me to say that.

I was prepared for Bear's homesickness. He is a clingy child and doesn't enjoy being alone. I knitted him a scarf but stopped myself from packing Blue Bear and my his robe. Ha! The fates laugh at me. That child practically kicked his G out of his room the first night (& last night). When he talks to me, he's in a hurry & listens with ½ an ear. The phone is hung up before the word "bye" has stopped echoing in my ear. I'm happy about that. Really, I am. These kids of mine. Always keep me guessing!
However, I don't think my mom is enjoying the experience as much. She is having fun, but she keeps thinking about Lamb's group. She shouldn't. I mentioned ½ the kids are obnoxious. During the bus tour, they wouldn't even get off the bus to look at the memorials. They are only interested in the gift shops. At the American History Museum, my mom told the sponsor she was taking the boys to look around as they would not be interested in seeing what the girls want to see. About an hour before meet-up time, she saw them sitting around waiting for them. She ignored them & keep touring with the boys.

They are only ten/eleven so I understand the disinterest. It's just a shame, though. And they should still know better than to climb all over FDR and the Korean War soldiers. I'm just sayin'.


Library Girl said...

I have been on this trip as a Chaperone twice! 2 years ago, we got stranded and had to stay an extra night due to weather, and I nearly had a nervous breakdown! This year, my colleague took nearly 50 people, but I sat it out... you'll have to go find my old blog about it... from March 2007... hilarious... and yes, the trip is FABULOUS! Good memories while I read this! :)

Debbie said...

It is always harder for the mom to stay home. We want them to have fun but at the same time, we want them to miss us! I understand completely.

littletoesandcheerios said...

I went as a 5th grader with my school too. I think it's way too young for that age to understand and apprieciate it. We were thrilled when we got a 2 dollar bill and on the way home we spent them at McDonalds! LOL!

G is an absolute Angel. :)

Patois said...

I'm so glad he's doing well. I remember you mentioning it awhile back. And how great your mom is. And how wonderful it is that you're not bitter.

Jenny86753oh9 said...

Wow...what a difference in groups! Good for G to dig in and take care of business.

Even though it's a heart breaker, I'm sure it set the stage for more independent things to come. I know our kids do the same thing in 5th grade and OldMan is already talking about it (he's got 2 yrs to go)...My stomach flip-flopped hearing your story. Hope I'm as strong as you were!

marky said...

That is young for them to really enjoy the history at their fingertips..
What an opportunity though! Wow!

Stacey said...

D your mom is amazing!! I'm excited for Bear what an opportunity!!

D you have been a huge part of why I've felt so happy here blogging, you are absolutely wonderful. And I love who you are and I TRULY love watching your friendship with B/S, it's hilarious sometimes and it's amazing other times. xoxoxo

PS--you ain't rid of me, I'm a FB addict, so much easier.

forgetfulone said...

It's a shame Bear's group is so small - and obnoxious. I'm so glad he got that experience, though. My two went in 5th grade also, and my oldest step-daughter went when she was 15. The younger daughter wasn't living here when she was in 5th grade, so she missed it. It's a great experience. Love all your pictures!

Kim said...

First off...G is just so awesome to go on both of those trips.

I do agree with you on how they should all have respect of our national monuments. Whether you want to learn about the history or not you should still have respect. That is one thing I am constantly reminding Sam about and he's pretty much got it and he's just in 3rd grade. Glad your's wasn't one of them.

Misty Dawn said...

It IS a shame that this group isn't as 'mature' as Lamb's group. But, what a fantastic thing for your mom to do with her grand kids!