Mom Fail?

When we were discussing kids, Big D & I agreed. We both knew we wanted to 1.) provide a stable and loving family life, 2.) travel with them and show them there is more to the world than our little corner of it, and 3.) encourage & support them in all their endeavors.

I think even the kids would agree that while Big D & I do a lot of things wrong, those three things we do right.

In high school, Lamb has the option to opt out of PE and take dance. She didn't even have to think twice about it. I don't think she realized how much she'd love it. She is constantly dancing her routines at home now.

She took me by surprise when she announced she wanted to try out for the school's drill team. She fully admitted that she didn't expect to make it but she wanted the experience of auditioning anyway. I love and am so proud of that girl.

Part of my heart was crushed when she told me that, tho. I know that to get on the team, it tremendously helps to have taken dance since the age of 3. Lamb has never had true formal dance training. I would have loved to have provided lessons for her but one thing leads to another and you found yourself with a 14 yr. old who's never had lessons but has discovered that she loves dance.

Her daddy & I encouraged her in this. However, after the 1st clinic, Lamb realized that she's not ready yet. She plans to work hard, learn some more things, and try again next year. She's ok. I'm getting there. I know how in her heart of hearts she wanted this. I guess this is what is referred to as a growing experience. A life lesson. We've provided her a fun life with lots of opportunities. There's no way we can provide her with everything. Sigh.

It's not all sad, tho.

All four high schools put on a show for the parents last week. I was so excited to finally see what Lamb can do in the world of dance. Her daddy was able to take off work early so he could also see her. Her first words to us after the show: That was SO much fun!

Of course, I recorded it for all of you! ;) Sadly, it's not the best quality. The battery was near dead & I'm not sure if that caused it. Lamb will be on the front row, very end once the camera zooms in on the girls.



littletoesandcheerios said...

That's an awesome video and the quality was fine for me. I thought they did great!
I'm sure she'll make it next year and be prepared.
I loved dancing as I young girl well, you saw the cut~outs of me!! Our schools do not offer dance, but we have placed near by that do for some $$.

Gosh I do not look forward to all the stress of Pebbles learning life lessons and let downs.

Debbie said...

Oh, that sweet, sweet girl. What great gifts you all are giving her as evidenced by her self-confidence. She'll make anything she sets her mind to. I have no doubt.

Patois said...

How wonderful! I can't believe the crowds there.

Kim said...

What a fantastic job! I'm sure that you are proud of here. And no, you didn't fail. :)

Jenny86753oh9 said...

Definitely not a fail! You and Big D are doing such a wonderful job on your kiddos. Lamb looked great! That's awesome she wanted to get out there and ever want to try...too many teenagers just whine but then do nothing.

I'm SO glad you caught that on was fun to watch (and hearing you from time to time in the background)!

forgetfulone said...

Fail? I don't think so! You've taught her a whole lot about life that formal dance training couldn't teach her. And I loved the video. I thought she was great! And it looks like so much fun. She should go for it if it's what she wants.

Misty Dawn said...

You already know that I admire and respect you and Big D as parents beyond expression - I think you guys provide your kids with so much encouragement and opportunity. You have not failed, my friend - you have done the complete opposite - you have succeeded as parents in the greatest ways!