He's Home

I found myself with a moment to write in between work and baseball. Bear had a wonderful time in DC. He's already planning our next trip. Crossing fingers & sending up prayers, the goal is to go next summer with Coastie Brother and his family.

Bear got to see so much. He got to see a part of his history. This is at Arlington Cemetery. The Columbia tragedy really affected Bear. For months, he talked about it.
He also got to see a steel tower from the 70th floor of the World Trade Center.
Part of the Berlin Wall. He enjoys learning about WWII so he could relate to this piece of history.
He even got to pretend to be the President.
He saw all the monuments/memorials including Lincoln, Jefferson, and FDR.
He got to imagine what it was like in a Soup Line during the Depression.
The Vietnam Memorial
and the Korean War Memorial.
He was able to tour Mount Vernon and see the tomb of George Washington.
And, of course, got to lay eyes on the White House
and capitol building.
Plus a myriad of other sights. And if you are wondering why he's not smiling in a lot of pictures, he informed me that he doesn't smile in front of memorials.

When he came home, a piece of my heart cracked. Oh, he was happy to see us but wasn't interested in hugs or kisses. He seemed a little distant. Not quite the boy who left us behind.

But then we came home. He pulled me into my room asking, "Mama, can I tell you something?", shutting my door. "It's ok if I tell you something disturbing, isn't it Babycakes?" And my heart was healed.

BTW, the disturbing thing? Disturbing to the mind of an 11 year old but nothing serious.


Debbie said...

Oh, I know these feelings so well! When they go away and return home, they are always a little distant for awhile until they settle back in. Thankfully, mine have always settled back in and I hope that continues. I'm glad he had a good time.

Patois said...

So glad he's back and the disturbing thing wasn't too hard.

Bubba's Sis said...

I'm glad he had such a good time (DESPITE the obnoxious kids!). And I'm glad ya'll had fun in San Antonio! I feel like this month has just gotten away from me. I miss you like crazy!

Bubba's Sis said...

P.S. Let's hope he doesn't ever have to experience a REAL soup line!!

littletoesandcheerios said...

Looks like he had a blast!
Welcome home.

Jamie Dawn said...

What a great trip! I'm sure being in DC really made him think a lot about the heroes of our nation and how so many people have sacrificed and worked very hard to give us the America we have today.

Misty Dawn said...

Bear for President... oh yes, it would be a much better world :-D

kris said...

looks like a great trip! fantastic pics! Glad he's home safe!

forgetfulone said...

The photos are all so great. Lucky you had someone to take them for you. I got bupkus from my kids' trip to DC in the way of decent photos. I'm also glad it was such a learning experience for him, a good one, and I know how the heart heals when they get home.

Kim said...

Your little Bear is growing up. I look forward to that day and I also dread it. Every now and then I'm seeing it peek around the corner in the little things that Sam does.

It looks like Bear had a great time on his trip and he has now seen and had done some things that I have always wanted to do. Maybe some day soon I will. :)