Shame on Me!

Every weekend, Big D & I go grocery shopping together. And every time we go, I ask the kids what they want for breakfast and in their lunches. It is so nice that they can stay home by themselves now, btw.

Anyway. This past weekend was no different. We were going. I asked. They told. Peanut butter sandwiches, animal crackers, and oranges (Lamb) grapes (Bear). We went. And I forgot. Well, not technically. I did forget the animal crackers but the fruit I knew I wanted to get at a different store.

I figured we'd get around to going at some point during the weekend. It will be Thursday tomorrow. They have had three days of lunches. I still haven't gone to the store.

And what makes it even worse for me? I have no idea what they've been putting in their lunches. I'm thinking my Pringles (Dill Pickles this week, yum!) but I'm not sure what else.

Good thing the week is almost over and Spring Break will be here! I'm a Bad Mama!

P.S. Look for a post within the next day or two about Lamb's dance show the 4 local high schools had for parents last night and tonight. Tomorrow Bear has a 6pm baseball game so I'm really thinking it'll be Friday before I get it up. Sorry!


Jenny86753oh9 said... worries. It's practically Spring which equals busy moms. Anxious to hear about Lamb and Bear, but will wait until you get a chance to breathe. In a few weeks the boys start Flag Football so I'll be feeling your pain.

littletoesandcheerios said...

Oh, it can be hard to keep up with it all the time and I don't even work (right now) like you do!
I'll be looking forward to their post.

Debbie said...

The same thing happens at Chez Sanity all the time. I figure if I get around to feeding them dinner, that will make up for it.

rachelizabeth said...

You're not a bad mom - just a busy one! We ran out of milk a few days ago. I still haven't gone to the store. I say if the kids haen't complained, you're off the hook. If they have complained, tell them to get over it! =D

Anonymous said...

What is it with kids and lunches??? I just deleted a very long comment and will be writing about this at my site. You struck a chord, lady.

Maggie said...

Sadly, we've done the exact same thing (only it was drinks for the lunches). It's so easy to forget w/ everything that goes on at work/school/home these days!!

Love the new look to your blog - I love daisies!!! =)

Patois said...

You lucky lady. They make their own!?!

Kim said...

Okay...I'm one that couldn't get past the first paragraph. They are old enough to stay home by themselves. I can't wait for that day! :)