Cell Phones

There was a time, not so very long ago, that cell phones were meaningless to me.

Our first phone was 15 years ago, when I was pregnant with Lamb. Big D was working three jobs. Afraid that I'd go into labor while he was at one of the jobs, he got one for himself. We didn't have it much longer after Lamb was born.

Our second cell phone came after Big D was stranded on the interstate overnight thanks to a tropical storm. Not being able to get a hold of each other convinced us we needed one. Just one, though.

When I started working, we got one for me. The thing was hardly ever turned on. It was just for peace of mind in case of a traveling emergency.

Then Lamb started intermediate school. And texting became part of our culture. Because we had to leave before Lamb had to go to school, it gave me peace of mind for her to have a cell phone. She could text me when she arrived at her school so I wouldn't have to worry all day long. My cell phone started staying on more frequently.

And I started texting a lot more frequently.

Due to some circumstances of us not reading the fine print & a salesperson not giving full disclosure (long story), we found ourselves adding Bear to our plan & still paying less than we were. Do I think Bear needs a phone? Of course not. Truth be told, he only uses it as his alarm in the mornings. (University of Texas fight song. It's lovely bright and early in the morning. Tongue. Firmly in cheek.) And to text us (while we are right beside him) and play games with us.

Bear with a cell phone can be a dangerous thing. I'm sure my friend Lisa will never forget the day Bear learned how to use one. His first weekend as owner, Lamb & I spent our time playing a techno hide and seek. Bear would take a picture of Ty. Send it to us. And we had to text him back on where we thought Ty's location was. Pretty fun, except he also had to add sound to each message. Not as much fun.

He will need it next year, for my peace of mind. He'll be in intermediate school. Cell phones have given me much peace of mind lately.

It was my lifeline during a hurricane evacuation, an actual hurricane, and while Bear was away in DC. It keeps me in touch with my long distance family and friends.

I never thought my cell phone would be one of my favorite things. How my life turns...


Library Girl said...

I totally love my cell phone. I could NOT be without it! Love the pic of the old phone!! And yes, by the way, Meg Cabot will be at our bookstore this coming Friday! Small world, yes? I love that about life! :)

Debbie said...

I know. I love mine. And I imagine it will get even more use next year with two away at college.

Patois said...

I had to have one for work for so many years that, when I ditched the job, I felt downright nekkid without it.

littletoesandcheerios said...

I use mine more for peace of mind. My husband's however is glued to his ear! I swear sometimes I want to throw it out the window. I ruined one of his one time by getting mad and throwing it in the yard...had just rained...poured really,LOL!

The Queen said...

I think I was the last person in the world to get a cell phone. I didn't really get one until 2004. I had no idea what I was missing! I used to look at my sister like she was crazy when she would text. I'm like, "What ARE you doing?" lol Silly me!

Maggie said...

I totally agree... I love mine, too!! And the fact that I can check email and do my online banking with it too, ahhhh... technology. It's a wonderful thing!! =)

forgetfulone said...

We actually got rid of our land line at least six months ago, and I've become okay with that. I'm so glad our kids do have cell phones, though my son rarely uses his. It gives me peace of mind.

Kim said...

Sam, my son, who is now 9 years old is begging me for one. He's in 3rd grade and there are some students that have cell phones in his class.

I tell him that there is no way he is getting one yet.

I love my cell phone and use it for peace of mind and to keep in touch with hubby as he works ALL the time and we don't see each other much.

Sam will get one....when I allow him to grow up. :) LOL

Misty Dawn said...

Isn't it funny how so quickly technology becomes a staple for us? I'd be lost without my laptop. I use the cell phone a LOT, but some times would like to accidentally-on-purpose forget it ;-)