Tis the Season

It's here. Baseball season. If you were around last season, then you know how unsatisfying it was for Bear and his parents. If not, you can read about it here, here, & here. I'll wait. You're back? Ok. We are determined to not have a repeat of that.

Bear was recruited up a division. Rather than having another season with the Minors, he's now in the Majors. Big D & I are of two minds about that. Big D is very excited. A coach who has expressed great interest in Bear told us that she planned on grabbing him. She advised us to have Bear "throw" the try-outs so no one would grab him first. Big D was afraid. That's not a sure thing and we didn't want to mess up Bear's chances. Plus, and even bigger, it's wrong. In the end, the decision was Bear's. He did not throw his try-outs and had one of his best yet. And he was drafted by a different coach. So being recruited to the majors was all Bear's hard work and dedication. Big D is thrilled! He feels that Bear will learn so much & improve playing with the big boys.

Then there's me. I agree that the potential for Bear to learn is there...if he has the right coach. My worry is that he's lost a year of baseball with the lousy coach & the hurricane. Big D will disagree in that Bear was able to focus on his batting and it paid off. I'm not disputing that. But, in the minors, Bear would have seniority which means prime playing positions. Of course, if he has the right coach. As we learned, there is no guarantee of that. Naturally, I'm proud of Bear and pray that this is a wonderful season for him.

I am cautiously optimistic as I remember last year all too well, but, it's starting out that way. Despite a couple of minor issues I have regarding practices, I'm not upset with the team or coach. Bear is the "baby" playing with 12, 13 year olds so he's in the outfield and sitting out a lot. The difference this season is that Bear hasn't paid his dues yet. I absolutely expect those things. Another difference is the coach. He is playing his 11 year olds fairly. They are equally on the field and off the field. He has publicly praised Bear. After the 2nd game, Bear came beaming off the field. While Bear was standing on third base, the coach told him that he was proud of him. Oh what a difference a coach makes! I pray this contines. I pray that Bears confidence continues to soar. I pray the Coach realizes what a difference he makes in these boys & their love for the game. I just pray.

And God hears. Bear was a nervous wreck batting against bigger boys.

And God gave him a boost. Bear now knows that while he may be a small fry right now, he can hang with the big ones. Ultimately, that's all I care about.

For the 2nd year in a row, I present to you Bear, a member of the 1st place team of the Majors in his Little League. His team is now the team to beat!

Way to Go, Bear! We are so incredibly proud of you & your team!

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littletoesandcheerios said...

Made me tear up...I'm so happy for him. I know how much this kind of thing means to kids. My niece just lost her game. :( She's so tough...she's the goalie on the boys soccer team and always has been since she was a little thing. She's in drivers ed this week!

Way to go Bear!!!

Debbie said...

Go Bear!
But, I understand your reluctance. Sports can be a cruel, tough world.

Jenny86753oh9 said... it already that time of year again? I find myself following this storyline like I did the Amazing Race series...on the edge of my seat. Prayers and crossed body parts!


Patois said...

Go Bear! And let me tell you how happy I am that he didn't cheat by throwing the try-out. Honorable lad, that boy.

rachelizabeth said...

Yay for Bear! I always tell my son to do his best, and I'm glad Bear has, as well.

Just remember: if he couldn't succeed by playing along with the bigger guys, then they wouldn't have put him on the team!

Anonymous said...

Go Bear! That is really awesome! I can't wait for the smallfry to start sports. I want to be a t-ball mom!

Tales From the Eurovan said...

Makes me want to start singing, "Take me out to the ball game!" :) So fun!
Take care,

forgetfulone said...

I agree that the coach makes a huge difference!

Tanya @ said...

Isn't it amazing what a good coach can do?!
Hope you have a wonderful season!

Bubba's Sis said...

Yay Bear! He's a heckuva guy! He's gonna have a great season, I just know it!

Jamie Dawn said...

Go, Bear, GO!! Congrats to him for hanging in there with the big boys and going out each game and giving it his all. He will learn a lot over this season, and hopefully his coach will continue to be a great encouragement to him. He may be on the younger end of this team, but a player becomes much better by playing with others at his same level or above it. I think Bear will improve greatly, and he will feel wonderful about himself for holding his own against those older boys.

Misty Dawn said...

Oh my gosh, I've got tears running down my cheeks - I swear I feel like I'm a part of your kids' lives and they mean the world to me! I think I deserve to be their cyber-aunt or something hehehe

Way to go Bear - You are amazing!