Time Sure Does Fly!

Holy Moly. I did not realize it has been a week since I've blogged. I've visited all you so I guess I just forgot about me. Ya'll aren't tired of looking at Bear's game face, are you? ;)

Things have been busy with baseball. The Rangers won their game and Bear had a gorgeous hit right to left field. He was so happy! Sadly, I don't have a pic. I didn't realize that would be his only at bat. Seems they do things differently in the Majors. You are only in the batting line-up if you are fielding. We are used to everyone batting even if the boy sits out an inning. But, because Bear hadn't batted yet, he got to play 3 innings in a row. And as soon as his sub made it through the batting rotation, Bear was sent back out. Because they were in the lead, they didn't have another at bat. We figure he'll be lucky if he gets more than one chance to bat. That bites but at least he's in a starting position and not a sub.

Lamb has been busy getting ready for a dance show the high schools put on each Spring. That will be tomorrow & Wednesday nights. Sadly, Bubba's Sis & I won't be able to watch our girls together. We have four high schools and, as luck would have it, the parents of Lamb's high school are watching with another high school than BFF's school. Bummer. It'll still be fun to see what these girls can do. I've seen BFF dance many a time in her recitals. This will be my first look at Lamb. I can't wait!

And we've (as in Bubba's Sis & I) been busy taking our girls to a concert of a little group you may have heard of, The Jonas Brothers. That was a whole lot of fun! The girls should thank their lucky stars that they have such fun moms. ;)

So, there's my week in a nutshell. Working, messing up supper, baseball, dance, rodeo, and The Jonas Brothers.

Now, where'd my hour go? I seem to have lost it. :(

Here's a gift for all my Office buddies: Office Musical


Anonymous said...

AWESOME video. It is made of awesome and glittery unicorns fly out of it's butt.

Debbie said...

Those girls better know what great moms they have! And I was wondering what was up with no new posts.

littletoesandcheerios said...

You are just the coolest moms ever!
Please email me your address-I got something for you.

My Mom waited in line forever in the rain, to get me tickets for Bon Jovi~the man in front of her bought like the last 10. I was so proud of her!

furiousBall said...

my first concert was Kiss when i was in third grade... now i know what that smell was in the bathroom

forgetfulone said...

You did get some good pictures! I'm so glad to finally see a couple of them. Life gets so busy, doesn't it?

Jamie Dawn said...

The Jonas Brothers!!!! SCRRREAM!!!! CRRRY!!!
For my daughter, it was N Sync. I took her to one of their concerts back when she was about 13, and I was surprised to see GROWN men and women there, not with their kids, but actually REALLY big fans of the group. It was fun.
Your kids have a fun life and a great mommy!!!

Misty Dawn said...

You and B/S ROCK as moms!!!