Meet the High-Schooler

Today, my daughter entered the halls of her new high school. We met my good friend, Anonymous Lisa (comment more, will ya? ;) ), & her son so the kids would walk in with someone they knew. I was glad for the company myself!

She dropped off her book of forms, had her yearbook picture taken, got her i.d. badge, picked up her schedule & locker #/combination, & did it all with grace & confidence, even though she was missing her BFF. She is now, officially, a high school student. A high school student who can open up her locker. You wouldn't believe the problems we & other people had with that!

At her high school, they have what they call a block schedule. She takes 8 classes, 4 on day A and 4 on day B. Her B schedule looks fun. She has dance (last time she took a dance class, she was 4 but she's excited), Spanish 2, American Sign Language, & Pre-Ap English. Her A schedule has her biggest work load. It consists of Biology, Theatre Arts Production (audition in Nov. for Grease!), Algebra, & Pre-Ap World Geography.

We don't know yet if she'll have friends or acquaintances in her classes. Lisa's son isn't but he's also in a different Small Learning Community. That's something else that our district does. In high school, you are grouped in your classes by what interests you in life. Each community has its own principal, assistant principal, & secretary. No surprise, but Lamb is in the Fine Arts SLC. There's also Business, Communications, Engineering, Agriculture, and well, I can't remember what else. I'm hopeful that for the first time, Lamb feels like she fits in with her classmates.

She goes back Thursday for freshman orientation called Fish Camp. There she will go to her advisory class to meet her teacher & classmates. She'll tour the school & learn all she needs to know about her high school.

As all parents, I hope her year is wonderful without any bad days. I am realistic tho. I know there will be some adjustments, heartaches, & bad days to go along with all the good things. My hope is that she & her BFF remain close. That she meets some friends who have her best interest in mind. That she joins some clubs that interest her. That she learns, grows, & has fun. That she talks to me about anything & everything. And, if she feels she can't, that she talks to her daddy or someone else she trusts. She's very quiet & internal. We don't always know what goes on in her head.

In short, I want everything for her.


Amy said...

Good luck to your daughter. Boy, I can't believe your school started already. Our town still has a few weeks left. Man, I dread the day madi starts pre-school let alone high school!!

Bubba's Sis said...

Of course she and her BFF will stay close - that's a given!! BFF gets her schedule at Fish Camp Thursday, I believe. No block schedule, as you know. But all the same classes, except Spanish! They'll still have lots to talk about, football games to go to, church events to attend, and sleepovers on the weekends!

I want everything for them, too. I don't think that's too much to ask, do you? ;-)

forgetfulone said...

She looks like she's ready for a fabulous year! Some of our high schools are on block, some are not. Our students go back the 25th, but the teachers go back the 18th. That's me!

Well Behaved Krissy said...

awwwwww hope it was a happy day.

Karen said...

That's great that the students get grouped together according to interests and strengths! I've never heard of that before.

D... said...

Amy, school hasn't actually started yet. This is all beginning of the year stuff they wanted to get out of the way before school actually starts. The kids start on the 25th.

No. Bubba's Sis, it's not too much to ask.

Hey, Forgetfulone! I didn't know you were a teacher. Luckily, since I'm only a para, I don't go back the 18th, I go back the 20th. I work in one of the elementary schools.

Karen, this is something new they have started in the last couple of years. At first, I was unsure about the grouping. But, now that daughter is going there, I'm excited about it.

Bubba's Sis said...

Where do you teach, Forgetfulone?

Tales From the Eurovan said...

Hey there! A High Schooler? Do they really grow up that fast? My oldest is going into 2nd grade and that is hard to believe! I hope she has a wonderful year full of great memories and great experiences! Take care, Julie

jennifer said...

I hope that High School is going well for her!


Bubba's Mom said...

First of all - I can't believe our girls are going to HIGH SCHOOL,OMG!!! They are both going to have wonderful years and still be BFFs for sure. Second - nobody ever really knows what goes on the minds of teenagers.

Misty Dawn said...

Wow - your schools sound really wonderful! I would have loved to have been able to be a part of something like that.

Lamb will be great... wonderful... special... and fantastic - that's just how she is :-) AND they WILL definitely be BFFs forever. When you have found your true BFF - it remains that way forever... nothing can change it. Trust me, I know - I'm 750 miles away from mine (BFFs ever since 4th grade!).