You want your child to grow up to be Craig Biggio

Big D & I both looked down at Bear as Jeff Bagwell spoke those words today at Craig Biggio's jersey #7 retirement. How true they are. If Bear can be as hard working, team playing, community volunteering as Craig Biggio, he'll be an amazing ball player. But, more importantly, an amazing man. The only thing I'd want Bear to do differently is to be more fan friendly. He, Craig Biggio not Bear, can be stand-offish at times. Not that I blame him!

It was a nice send off for #7. I had forgotten how much I missed the Big-Gi-O chant. I'll hear it again in 2013 when we celebrate his induction into the Baseball Hall of Fame. No doubt about that! And just as their numbers are together on the Astros' Hall of Fame wall, Bagwell & Biggio will be together in the National Hall of Fame.

Besides some gross superstitions, his son, Conor,(I must find a way to introduce Lamb to him. He's Ca-Yoot!)
told us that there have only been two #7 retirements. One belongs to Mickey Mantle. The other to Craig Biggio.

So long #7. You are very much missed.


Bubba's Sis said...

Heck yeah I want my son to grow up to be Craig Biggio! Or my husband!

Seriously, ya'll witnessed an awesome event today. He truly IS a great man.

Tales From the Eurovan said...

We've lived in Texas for almost three years and still have not made it up to an Astros game! I know, it's just not right! I would have loved to go to Saturdays game to hear Steven Curtis Chapman play a pre-game event. Take care, Julie

Bubba's Mom said...

Biggio has always been my favorite Astros player. And I think it's neat that there is only one other #7 that has been retired and that is Mickey Mantle.