Hurricane Days

Growing up, it was always fun in the winter to keep the eye on the temperature just in case it fell below freezing. That meant possible SNOW DAY! Oh the joy of a snow day. It didn't matter that it had to be made up at the end of the school year. It was just an exciting time in a kid's life. I'm sure the teachers too!

When I moved to Massachusetts my junior year, I was sad to realize that it had to snow A LOT in order for school to be canceled. I remember one time it started snowing during school. I started preparing myself to leave school early. The other kids laughed at me. Silly girl, the snow plows will have the road clear before it's time to go home. Well, darn.

Then we moved here. I always feel bad that my kids will never experience the thrill of a snow day. The utter joy of not having to go to school and the utter joy of playing in the snow all day.

Don't feel too sorry for them though. It doesn't happen often, but there are times that they get a Hurricane Day. Before my kids were in school, my younger brother got a Rain Day from Tropical Storm Allison. Then, three years ago, we had five days off for Hurricane Rita. You know, the hurricane that wasn't in Houston but we were all stranded in other places.

This Friday will be another Hurricane Day for the kids. It's not as exciting as a snow day, but we'll take it. As long as nothing dangerous happens or I don't lose power. Then that would really suck.

So keep us in your thoughts. It could go anywhere between Corpus Christi to here Friday night or Saturday morning.

Try not to be too jealous of me Friday. Because we just might be the family without any water or canned goods.

*Luckily, Big D isn't scheduled to leave until Monday. So apparently, I do have enough luck that if anything happens it'll be before he goes out of town rather than after.

**Update, we are also off tomorrow too!


Anonymous said...

hey girl, my thoughts and prayers are with ya'll... Hopefully it will not hit. Glad to hear Big D will be there until Monday. Stay as safe as possible and I will be checking on ya later
Auntie W

Bubba's Sis said...

I'll share my Spaghetti-O's with you. We might even have a spare can of Vienna sausages (blech!).

kris said...

glad Bid D will be around! looks like we all have to leave now! Be safe and holler back!

kris said...

crap, you KWIM... hate typing early in the am!

Jenny 865-53oh9 said...

Glad BigD will be able to stick around. Maybe that will keep Murphey away. (As in Murphey's law...I always feel like I have to explain 'cause people around here just look at me like I'm a foreigner or something!)

Ollie Ribbons said...

You probably are not even thinking about looking at a blog this morning, but I was thinking of you as I bought some bottled water here in Bryan. I wanted to get a jump on the water before we get a bunch of evacuees in town who need it, too. My school is cancelled today and tomorrow (Thurs & Fri)since our church building was a shelter site last night.

Hunker down!!

jenny said...

ug! I was signed in with my son's account. That message above is form me! ;-)

Ramblings of Kimberly said...

Wow...another person in my vicintity!!! Keep safe as will I...I am on Lake Conroe! :)

Gretchen said...

We'll be thinking of you and your hurricane days.

My kids don't want snow days that they have to make up, they just want 2-hour delays, so they get to sleep in. :) I must admit, I do like those delays myself that I can go back to bed for a bit.