A Happy Birthday

I am home bound no more. Big D came home from his business trip last night. We decided for sure to take Bear to the zoo. It's just about the only place open and, fortunately, it's a place he & his sister enjoy.

I just could not believe me eyes when I saw all the debris and destruction. Most of the traffic lights are still out. We saw one guy run right through one. Luckily, the cross traffic was going slow enough that the runner was able to stop before he hit anyone. Scary.

The zoo was crowded, but not uncomfortably so. It was cool enough that the animals were out and about. Usually in September they are just laying around. It's hot here! We were even able to see the elusive cheetahs. The snow leopard, my favorite, apparently isn't at the zoo anymore. Bummer.

Here Bear is with the Ankole Cattle. Looks at those horns! The blurb said it is thought that they help keep the cattle's temperature down. And, of course, there must be a picture of Bear with bears. If it can't be with the real thing, might as well be a statue!
On the way home, we hit the GROCERY STORE! It's open! With power! It was crazy crowded in there. They had what I needed to make Bear's jambalaya dinner and his cheesecake (his request). What a relief!

His uncle actually thought ahead and had a birthday present for Bear. Unlike his parents who thought they'd have the weekend to shop for him. He gave him a dinosaur excavation kit. Bear is still working on it, having a great time.
Oh yeah, when I went to the grocery store? I forgot candles. Luckily, we had a burnt orange candle in our hurricane preparedness kit. Why can't I remember to buy candles? At least it looks better than last year's cake.
Ordinarily, Bear would have spent his birthday in school. Instead, he got to spend the day with his family at the zoo.

No birthday baseball game: Bummer
Fall baseball being canceled for the season: Bummer (yeah, we just got that news)
One present: That's ok
No school: Kinda cool (and no school for another week!)
Big ole candle: Bigger wish
Spending the day listening to Daddy's puns with my family: Priceless

He is happy. I am happy.


Amy-littletoesandcheerios said...

So glad he had a good b-day:) I think the orange candle looks kinda cool.

Bubba's Sis said...

That's a big ol' candle! He must have wished for another week off of school!

SO glad he had a good day!

forgetfulone said...

What? Fall ball is cancelled? When did you hear this? What league? My son is going to get fat over the next few months if I don't get him in some sort of sport!

Now, on to the birthday. It looks like he had a fun day. Love that candle. The zoo is fun even when it's crowded, and at least there was nice weather. My bd is next week, and I'm not expecting much, but that's okay. I'm old!

Library Girl said...

That's a big ol' candle and what an interesting and memorable birthday for Bear! 11 is a big year - it definitely has started out with a bang! Best wishes to you. Glad y'all are surviving ok!

marky said...

Glad that he got to have a special day with the family!!
The zoo is always a hit..and Wow..what a candle!
One year I used a big pillar candle b/c we didn't have any birthday candles LOL..makes a memory

Tales From the Eurovan said...

Sounds like you had a great day! I can not believe you are out until the 29th! In hurricane times do you have to make up days?
Take care,