Let's Talk About Food

I have nothing of note to blog about so let me share some food items I have discovered.

One of my favorite snack foods is dry cereal. I don't have a particular favorite, just about any will do. Frosted Mini-Wheats has come out with a new flavor, Blueberry Muffin. Yum yum yum!

I have recently discovered that I like jalapeño flavored stuff and/or things with just a hint of jalapeño in them. You know, like Pepper Jack cheese, kolaches with jalapeños in them, stuff like that. However, I do not like jalapeños all alone. Yes, yes, I'm weird, we've established that. Cheetos has a Cheddar Jalapeño flavor that hits the spot! Pun unintentional. ;)

Last, but certainly not least, I am so excited that Sonic has brought back it's Jr. Banana Split. It's the perfect size! It's only for a limited time so hurry while supplies last!

Mmmmm, I'm hungry now!


forgetfulone said...

You're making me hungry! Thanks for stopping by On the Flipside to read my guest post today.

Bubba's Sis said...

Junior Banana Split!!!!! Wooot!

Anonymous said...

Jalapenos, yum! I eat them straight out of the jar. Doritos has a flavor called fiery habanero. It's delish! Now I'm hungry.


Patois said...

Yummy: dry cereal. Yeah, I'm a big fan, too. The Kashi stuff really does it for me.

As for Sonic and its latest food offerings, all I can say is I wish to God there was one near me so I could at least try the food everyone raves about.

Jennie said...

You just hit three of my favorite splurges. I also have a weak spot for bite size milky ways.

kris said...

have you tried the Jalapeno Cheese GOLDFISH!?!?!? THey are hard to find, but my new fave! I can eat a bag of Goldfish in one sitting!

Tales From the Eurovan said...

Hi D! Frosted mini wheats are a favorite around our house. I think the blueberry muffin flavor sounds great! My oldest loves to eat cereal. He takes after my husband. My husband used to tell people his favorite food was cereal until I said "Don't say that, people will think I never cook!"
Take care,

kris said...

go take a peeky at my blog, you won again!

D... said...

Lisa, jalapeños out of the jar? You ARE a brave woman! ;)

Patois, I am so sorry that you lack a Sonic. Really, the food is just mediocre. It's the drinks & limited edition desserts that are worth the trip. Maybe one day Ca. will join the Sonic ranks.

Jennie, or bite sized snickers or reese's miniature cups or flavored 3 muskateers....or just bit sized chocolate.

Kris, I am going to have to hunt down some of those goldfish! I bet I'd love them too.