5 Years--All Clear

"You are dismissed" said with tears in her eyes is what my mom heard from her oncologist today.

That was the news were waiting to hear. For five long years and several "routine" biopsies.

So thank you, Dr. Because of you, these are the things my mom was able to see:

  • youngest child's graduation
  • oldest son coming home from Iraq and Cuba
  • seeing her dad induct oldest son in the Coast Guard (ok, ok, more like a re-enlistment, but still)
  • oldest son's wedding
  • going with Lamb to Washington D.C. with her 5th grade class (and being able to do the same for Bear next school year)
  • seeing Bear's very first hit and his other accomplishments
  • seeing Lamb's plays
  • going to the Astros games, especially being able to say Farewell to Biggio and seeing the team win the NL championship & going to the World Series
  • saying goodbye to her beloved greyhound, Felicia and saying hello to her new doggie, Cocoa
  • seeing the Astros play the Cubs at Wrigley Field
  • laughing at Bear
  • celebrating her dad's 85th birthday and her parents 60th wedding anniversary
  • (hmmm, I guess I, personally, haven't done anything these 5 years)
  • doing community service that she enjoys oh so much
  • Just Enjoying Life

Our family is extremely thankful tonight. I can not wait to hear the news from Bubba's Mom and other families battling this awful disease that they have reached the 5 year mark as well. I know I will.


Stacey said...

Praise Him, my goodness this is good news. And D, what a beautiful beautiful beautiful sentiment you wrote there. Well many, actually. Your mom has got to think you're the bomb.

I'm praying for B/S that her mom gets the great "dismissed" one day too. xoxoxo

Bubba's Sis said...

Hooray for G!!! Such good news! And so many more of those good times to come in the years ahead!

Misty Dawn said...

What a very fantastic and special post. That is absolutely wonderful news. I'm so very happy for your mom and the entire family. Way to go, Doc!

Kim said...

What a wonderful blessing! God is good all the time and all the time God is good! Still praying for all the others.

Patois said...

Getting to be with her wonderful, loving daughter. Thank God for this good news.

D... said...

Thank you everyone! Your words and happiness for our news means SO much to me.

Jenny 865-53oh9 said...

That's wonderful news! That would feel good. My mum got the 1 month all clear...I can't imagine the 5 year dismissal!