10 Things I'd Fix In My Home

Providing I had money (& time), of course!

  1. add a game room
  2. knock out a wall for a little hallway so our house innards won't be U shaped anymore
  3. have Big D actually build the kids' murphy beds rather than just talk about it
  4. put marble (it can be faux) sides in the shower rather than tile
  5. get rid of all the clutter!!!!!!
  6. landscape the yard & pay someone to keep it up (I kill plants/flowers)
  7. have Big D actually build our kitchen island rather than just talk about it
  8. paint the walls
  9. get all my prints framed and hung
  10. have Big D actually finish all the projects he's started and has yet to finish!


Bubba's Sis said...

I'm sensing perhaps Big D has a problem finishing things.... ;-)

Patois said...

Poor Big D. Man can't get a break, eh?

Stacey said...

Big D needs to get crackin!

Decluttering is my struggle. I try and succeed sometimes, but still it creeps up. Good list. xo

Misty Dawn said...

Ummmm yeah, I don't think I should do this one this week. Just 10? Nah, I'd have more like 50! But, as far as your #10 answer - yeah, all of mine would pretty much be centered around the "Hubs finishing projects" thing ;-)

Anonymous said...

At least Big D starts!!!!
Auntie W

Kim said...

If I could just get rid of all the clutter in my house that would be such a big relief!

Love your list.

Big D said...

So this is what you do all night at the computer? Engage in husband bashing? I would like to give a shout out to my bro in-law, coastie bro, for sticking up for me on #10 when I clearly had no idea I was being bashed. Thanks for having my back. I love you man!