Camera Critters and Baseball

Here I am, late as usual! I have a good reason which you can read about under my critter. This is Ty our Belgian Malinois begging for help! Sweet Mama that I am, I take a picture instead. ;)
Today was Youth Little League Parade day at Minute Maid Park. This is where the little leagues across Houston can parade around the warning track before the game. It's really no big deal, but Bear insists we do it every year.

While waiting for Bear to return to us, someone tried to hand me a flyer. I generally say "No thank you" and keep walking. However, this time something caught my ear. If I register my child, he can get a Jeff Bagwell autograph. Last year was Craig Biggio's year so Jeff Bagwell hasn't gotten much mention. He retired from baseball and had his jersey retired at the beginning of the season. He is one of our true Astros' Heroes. So, of course, I registered Bear! Not sure what for, I might have just signed away his first born child, idk.
Fortunately, Big D was wearing his Astros cap. He gladly gave it up for an autograph. Bear says he was so nervous! Jeff Bagwell asked how he was doing and all he could do was mumble that he was fine. He couldn't even return the favor and ask how he was doing. Fortunately, he did remember to say thank you.
He was only signing one item per child. Only the children could get autographs. He did stop to smile for a camera tho!
Not a bad day at the ballpark!
So that is why my Camera Critters is late.


Misty Dawn said...

WOW! That's an awesome story! Yay for Bear! WoooooHoooo you are such an awesome mom... unless, of course, you did in fact sign his first born away... oh well ;-)

Ty is so handsome. Give him lots of belly rubs for me.

Lilli & Nevada said...

What a cute dog.

Vader's Mom said...

Ty is a cutie! And what a wonderful baseball story.

Jamie Dawn said...

What a fun day!
How neat to get his autograph!!!
Your little feller is so cute!

Bubba's Sis said...

How TOTALLY cool and awesome!!!!! I'm so jealous!

Oh yeah - Ty is cute, too. ;-)

Katney said...

Very good reason and you are forgiven. Love the look on Ty's face.

Juli said...

so wait...Jeff Bagwell is you camera critter??? What a rare and awesome catch!!!! ;)

My critter is here if you feel like checking him out!

Jenny 865-53oh9 said...

OH... THAT'S what your dog is...wondered.

How cool for Bear! I bet he had some great dreams that night...