It's funny that today's theme is Sunshine. The family has been quite gloomy lately but we got some news that let the sun shine through a bit. We see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I admire single moms. I was raised by one and I know some. It's a hard, hard road whether or not the daddy is in the picture or not. I don't mean to make light of their situation, but I do think of myself as one during the week. As most of you know, Big D works nights. That was part of our lives for so long that it was no big deal. I wasn't working, the kids weren't in school so we just adjusted our lives around that. But now, after a brief blissful period of him having a day shift, it's harder. I work. Lamb doesn't get out of school til 4pm. Big D has to leave for work at 5pm.

During that time, I feel like it is Us and Him. I am worn out from working, being a taxi cab, prison warden, and loving mom. Out of necessity, the kids have taken on a lot of chores from doing their own laundry (ok, they've been doing that for years but now they HAVE to) to cooking dinner for us (simple stuff folks). By the time the weekend gets here, I want to be left alone. Big D is bored and lonely. He wakes up alone, he eats alone, he comes home to a dark house. By the time the weekend gets here, he wants to be with us. It's just not a good situation.

Right before Spring Break, Big D got news that a position he's been interested in MIGHT be available within the next couple of months. Please God! We aren't holding our breaths, but we are hopeful. Then, just yesterday, Big D got a call that another position, albeit in a department he has ZERO interest in, will be available in the next month. The boss wants Big D so bad that he says he'll try to move Heaven & Earth to get it to be a dayshift. No, it's not what hubby wants (he really wants that other position). At this point, he'll take it just to be on days and it'll be closer to home as well.

A DAYshift! Two possible positions! Just knowing that energizes me. I feel like I CAN handle baseball season, play rehearsals (both kids), youth groups, parent meetings, and anything else life throws my way. Because this time next year? I may not be doing it alone! Altho, I DO like not having to share the tv and computer. Hmmm..... No, no it's worth it; I'll gladly share.


Melissa said...

It can happen! Brent's schedule change has been pretty wonderful. I'll be praying for you guys!

Bubba's Sis said...

Awesome news!! You didn't tell me this when we talked tonight! I'm still praying he gets the first position (the one he really wants) but the other would be great too if it's a DAY shift! Halleluja!

Misty Dawn said...

I've got my toes, fingers, and eyes crossed for ya (It's kind of hard to type like this, but you're worth it!). I'll keep praying for him to get that FIRST position :-)

Stacey said...

I'm with you, know also that my husband goes from his day job to teaching classes at night M-Th and it's not doable. I'm tired, he's tired, and we both are anxious for the time when an online class opens up that he can teach. I'm praying for Big D....he must be a great worker for his boss to fight for him like that! xo

Kim said...

I completely understand the feeling of being a single parent even though you are married. Beeen there and still doing that.

Keeping my fingers crossed and saying prayers that the job that he truly wants will come fast. If not that he'll be happy in the one that gives him the shift that he needs for not only him but your family.

D... said...

Thanks for all the support & prayers!

Stacey & Kim, I'm sorry ya'll have to live this life too. It's not fun, but we do what we must, right? Stacey, I'll pray that an online class opens up.