What's For Dinner?

One of the many perks of having a 13 year old is to help out with the supper making. Lamb enjoys it and it helps me out immensely. Mainly because I hate to do it myself, but also because time is thin most evenings.

The other night I baked the ham steaks and asked her to make the mashed potatoes. Just imagine that she was preparing homemade taters, k? The water was boiling when she called out that we were out of butter. Hmmm....a little bland but with lots of salt & pepper, it should be ok. She continued on with the preparations. She had the flakes potatoes all cut & ready to go when she called out that we were also out of milk. Well, shucks. That just sucks. Cancel mashed potatoes. She heated up a can of beans instead.

The next night, macaroni and cheese was on the agenda. Bear HATES boxed mac-n-cheese. To get him to eat it, we have to call it "Chicky Toladahs" and pretend it's restaurant quality. I'm sitting here, trying to work up the energy to fix it. Who am I kidding. I was sitting here waiting for Lamb to get home so she could fix it. Then it hit me. Um, we have neither butter nor milk. No Chicky Toladahs for us. Bear was thrilled!

So looking in Old Mother Hubbard's cupboards, I found expired rice, expired fried potatoes in a box (never even tried those, wonder if they are any good?), and nothing else. Nothing in the pantry for dinner. Now, I could have gone to the store. I was seriously debating it out in my mind.

Then I looked in the freezer. Big D had a big ole box of pizza rolls. Something Bear can fix us for supper!



Bubba's Sis said...

Sounds delish! What time should we be over?

coastie bro said...

now that is what i call good reading. classic. it sounds fictional but it is so real. i love it. one of your best blogs yet sis.

Stacey said...

D you and I have got to be kitchen sisters. Yes indeed we would get along just fine in the kitchen--but only with Lamb. We'll need her to help while we chat..I mean work at preparing a good meal!

I think our husbands' late hours might have something to do with this, idk. I don't cook much anymore. Hey...what did happen with your husband's job? Did he or didn't he get to change his hours? If you said so, I missed it.

I'll give the coffee to JenGi...she'll love ya for it! xoxo

Library Girl said...

Ok, I love to cook, but since I moved into the condo, I've been on a cooking hiatus. However, I LOVE box mac 'n cheese! And anything even remotely related to pizza really hits my spot. Oh, and the fried potatoes in a box? Hmmm... let us know if you ever open those! ;)

Jeremy, Shonda, Mitchell & Mason said...

He doesn't like boxed mac&cheese?? Next time you are in FL, I'll have to make him my special. Can you believe my boys will not eat it runny??

Bubba's Sis said...

Aren't fried potatoes in a box just potato chips?

D... said...

Thanks, Coastie Bro. I aim to entertain you!

Stacey, that sounds like a mighty fine plan. Let's put Lamb to work pronto! About Big D's job, he decided not to put in for the 2nd position. The hours would be from 2pm to 12am. The boss couldn't guarantee daytime hours until about 6-8mths. Those hours are worse than what he has now. So, he's going to hold out for the one he really wants. If you are so inclined, prayers would be much appreciated.

Library Girl, I certainl will let you know if they are any good.

Shonda, I just can't imagine your boys not liking runny mac&cheese. That's comfort food to me! That and Hungry Jack mashed potatoes. Good times, good times. As you know, he's a strange child. Bet he'll love your special way of fixing it!

Bubba's Sis, we saved some for you. And :P

Lamb said...

I feel like you've been using me, oh well at least I get practice

D... said...

It might seem like I'm using you, but I so appreciate you & your ability to help fix dinner. You are truly a lifesaver to me, especially during this busy time for us.

Jenny 865-53oh9 said...

I love, love, love you relationship with your daughter! What a hoot! And if there's any chance she could come on over this way I'd love to taste her talent!

For my family it's usually..."Oh man, not Slum Gum again!"

Slum gum - goulash (I know...bad!)

Bubba's Sis said...

Jenny - I LOVE goulash!

Misty Dawn said...

You absolutely crack me up! Heck, have you seen how much pizza rolls costs now-a-days? They're like a delicacy!