Mean Mama

Apparently, that's what I am.

My weekly schedule:

Monday - Lamb: Youth Group----- Bear: baseball practice
Tuesday - Lamb: play rehearsal----- Bear: baseball practice or game
Wednesday - Bear: play rehearsal
Thursday - Lamb: play rehearsal----- Bear: baseball practice or game
Friday - Bear: has been turning into baseball practice night. Grrr!
Saturday - Lamb: play rehearsal----- Bear: baseball game

Sunday is the *only* day that there is not child's activity going on. Well, Lamb does volunteer at church in the Children's Ministry every other Sunday, but I don't really count that.

As you can imagine, by Friday, I am worn out.

Bear had a birthday party to go to Friday for one of his best classmates. The party was at a skating rink. It surprised me that Bear wanted to go because he has always refused to go to skating parties in the past. "Why should I subject myself to ridicule?" he says. I told him that it depended on what time we got out of practice.

We leave practice and he doesn't say a word about the party. Being naive, I figured he forgot about it. Around 8:10 (the party ends at 9pm), he asks if he can go to the party. I say no. How could I do this to him? After he gave me a chance to rest & relax before asking! He just doesn't understand how I can be so tired and not up to driving him across town so he can hang out, at the most, for 30 minutes.

I predict many similar conversations in my future.


Bubba's Sis said...

Sigh. Poor Bear. And you're being really mean to him today, too! You MUST be a mean mama!

Misty Dawn said...

Oh yeah - if that means you are a mean mom - then I am an absolutely EVIL step-mother!!! Ummmm, I think Bear will get over it hehe

By the way, if you are interested, I'd like to invite you to a new Sunday photo meme all about animal photos. The premier sign-in post is open now at Camera-Critters

coastie bro said...

was that a typo with Bear and play rehearsal?.

i know the fealing.

Anonymous said...

Yes, there will be many more times just like this one. I understand where you are coming from and they will too one day!!!
Auntie W

D... said...

Bubba's Sis, as it turns out, I was a Mean Mama today!

Yes, Bear will get over it til the next time. Hee!

Coastie Bro!! My blog has missed you! No, it wasn't a typo. The 4th graders are putting on the school play (Texas history). Bear is Missionary #3.

Auntie W, thanks!

Bubba's Sis said...

Good gracious, D - we were so mean to those boys today it's a wonder someone doesn't call CPS on us. Just look at their faces!!!!