I Suck.

Not only was the cake a disaster (look at that thing, it's PITIFUL, you can't see but Big D is laughing hysterically, Lamb is in the background gasping with horror), but I forgot to buy candles. I thought we had some in our junk drawer. We always have candles. Apparently I was wrong. The only one I could find was one that played Happy Birthday. It would seem that this was a very old candle. Instead of it being upbeat and festive, it was creepy and s...l...o...w.... I baked cookies for him to take to school today. They got so busy at the end of the day that they forgot to pass them out and sing to him. Poor Bear. Oh yeah, and the Astros were losing when we left. Poor poor Bear.
Other than that, he had quite the happy day. Thank you all for his birthday wishes. They mean a lot to us!


Misty Dawn said...

You don't suck! You put forth the effort for your son - that's what counts. He will remember this... and he will say "Remember that year that silly candle sounded so funny?" See - you made memories for him!

Stacey said...

Oh gosh, D, I'm sorry. I know that feeling when things just don't go as pictured. This will one day be a FAVORITE birthday, promise. Sooner than you know. The cookies were a nice touch. Did you remember a present? (kidding!) xoxo

Bubba's Sis said...

At least he didn't get a hurricane for his birthday like 2 years ago....talk about your sucky birthday!

D... said...

PRESENT!!! Dang! I knew there was something else I needed to do! ;) He got some great presents.

Thank ya'll so much for the positive spin on this. I appreciate ya'll.

And, yes, Bubba's Sis, Thank God for no hurricane nor terrorist attack. I really picked the wrong month to give birth to him.

coastie bro said...

man that poor kid it is a good thing he knows his parents love him.

i do not see how big D was able to carry that cake without dropping it form laughing so hard.

thank was priceless thank you

D... said...

I knew you'd get a kick out of it, Brother!